Month: July 2015

Theotek Podcast #033: Semper Paratus and Stuff

Church websites and their social media presence can have a positive or negative impact on the church. The Theotek Podcast #033 dealt with this subject. Our team included Rick Mansfield of and Antoine Wright from the Mobile Ministry Magazine and me, columnist with Ministry Tech Magazine (formerly Christian Computing Magazine). Hopefully this was the last week without…

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Theotek Podcast #032: Extending an Olive Tree

This week Olive Tree released its latest version for Windows bringing with it the ability to display the latest book files and we got a preview on this week’s Theotek Podcast. Before, the Windows program used the old Palm Book format. They updated iOS, Mac and Android. The Windows code finally got that update and…

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accordance mobile 2 highlighting symbols

5 Ways Accordance Mobile 2 is Vastly Improved

Accordance Bible Software released a new version of their mobile app awhile back. It includes a bunch of great new features that make it vastly improved over the earlier versions, which I never really used much due to the sub par quality. However, these new features entice me to open Accordance Mobile more than ever…

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Theotek Podcast #031: Heard It, Lived It, Reddit

This week on the Theotek Podcast we talked about the recent controversy over a Reddit person getting fire. What can we learn about how to talk about staff and volunteer conflict management from this story. This past week Microsoft also released a new version of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016. Rick and I shared a little…

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accordance virtual bible

Theotek Podcast #030: Herodian Drone

Accordance Bible Software just released a cool new resource that looks like a drone flew over Israel during ancient times and gives users an aerial view. It also shows some 3D constructions of things like Herod’s temple. We got an exclusive first look on the Theotek Podcast. I was away in a hotel and had to…

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