Apple v. the FBI: Theotek Podcast #057

The court order received by Apple compelling them to help the FBI in gaining access to an iPhone 5c used by one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino attack that happened last year might become the most important tech story in a long time. We did our best to unpack the details and come up with some security suggestions for users.

The debate over Apple v. the FBI is an incredibly complex issue that has potentially drastic repercussions going forward for our security, privacy and our government’s ability to fight terrorism.

apple v fbi iphone

No matter which side support in this debate, you should take care while going online with a phone, tablet or your computer. Watch the video above or listen to the podcast below to get some suggestions for encrypting your data and using virtual private networks.

In the Our Favorite Things section of the show, we recommended a few things. Related to the security debate, we looked at a couple of VPN solutions:

  • Private Internet Access – $6.95 monthly, $35.95 for 6 months or $39.99 for one year.
  • VPN Unlimited – lots of price points with best options including $2.99 for 10 days, $3.99 monthly, $8.99 for 4 months, $24.99 for one year and $129.99 for lifetime access

Accordance Mobile 2.3 Update: Theotek Podcast #056

What’s new in Accordance Mobile 2.3 for iOS? Rick Mansfield from Accordance Bible Software shows off the new features in this big update. But first we offer Our Favorite Things – recommendations from each member of our Theotek team.

We advertised this episode as Rick Mansfield’s showing off the new Accordance Mobile 2.3 update with all the new features. He had some difficulties due to instability on Google’s part. We took a look at Down Detector and they said Google was experiencing issues.

What’s New in Accordance Mobile 2.3

accordance mobile slide over feature

Here’s some of the great new features available in Accordance Mobile 2.3. First up, we see the new slide over feature that came in iOS 9. The user can slide from the right edge of their iPad and show a column of app icons that support slide over. Tap on one to see open an app window that takes up only about 20% of the screen. Use the handle in the middle of the border between the two apps to slide in and take up a quarter to one half of the screen.

In addition to the slide-over feature, on newer iPads Accordance Mobile 2.3 now supports side-by-side. The above description explains how this works. The feature isn’t available on older iPads or on the iPhone at all.

Accordance Mobile now shows up in Spotlight search. Search for a key word or passage and the iPad’s Spotlight Search feature will look inside Accordance and find the word. It uses your top-ranked bibles, but doesn’t work when the Library page is open.

Watch our video podcast to see it in action. For more information head over to Accordance’s blog.

Our Favorite Things

Wes Allen recommended the Unitek 3 Port USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit Ethernet adapter built-in. It costs $20 and gives users exactly what the name suggests.

Antoine Wright recommended the 831 Podcast. The podcast host is Brandon Fasig and he says, “831 youth podcast [is] meant to strengthening your faith.”

LaRosa Johnson recommended the iOS weather app Dark Sky. I like it too because it gives more than simple weather data.

At the end Antoine talked about a couple of opportunities he’s involved in that you can take advantage of. Find out more at the following:


Online Bible Study: Theotek Podcast #055

Can you prepare your sermons using online Bible study sites? We try to answer that question and give a few recommendations if you choose to give it a try. At the end of the podcast we also give a few recommendations in our new segment, “Our Favorite Things”.

We only had three of our team members in this podcast. Rick Mansfield works with Accordance Bible Software and didn’t think that online Bible study sites were good enough to do full sermon prep yet. Users often don’t have access to the Internet or they don’t have a reliable connection. Most of the online sites don’t give users enough power to do serious word study. Most them include limited options for commentaries and word study tools. The ones included usually are only public domain works.

Antoine Wright from Mobile Ministry Magazine was a little more bullish since he’s a mobile-first kind of guy. He recommended a site called Bible Web App. It suffers from the same weaknesses of the other online sites with limited options and mostly public domain. It’s fast and clean and does most of what Antoine needs.

The Logos Web App available to Logos Now or Logos Cloud subscribers.
The Logos Web App available to Logos Now or Logos Cloud subscribers.

I like online sites and use a few. Last year I reviewed 6 online Bible sites in a two-part post. You can find part one and part two to see the video demos of the 6 sites (three in each post). Two of the sites I reviewed are no longer my favorites. Instead of My Study Bible from WORDsearch and Lifeway, I now recommend their new site Second, Logos has a site for subscribers to either their Logos Now or Logos Cloud services. Learn more about Logos Now in a recent post and Logos Cloud in another post.


The online sites from WORDsearch and Logos above will cost you a little bit. The best option for those looking for a free site comes from It’s called Lumina.

Our Favorite Things

hyperdrive usb-c dock

In “Our Favorite Things” this week we recommended some apps, a utility and an accessory. Rick recommended a USB C dock for the new 12-inch MacBook (not the Air or Pro). It’s the HyperDrive USB Type-C 5-in-1 Hub with Pass Through Charging for $50. It connects to the USB C port on the MacBook and adds ports for an SD card, micro-SD card, 2 USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-C port for charging or hooking up a 4K video adapter.

Antoine recommended a list of Lent Apps he put together on his website.  They can help Christians who observe Lent.


My recommendation comes from github. It’s a free utility that helps the user switch their MacBook screen resolution. It’s called DisableMonitor and runs in the OS X menu bar. A drop down box shows all the resolutions your monitor supports. This gives you far greater control over the screen resolution settings than the built-in Display Settings in System Preferences in OS X. I wrote up a full How To post on it at

Finding Sermon Illustration Content on Theotek Podcast #054

Looking for a good sermon illustration your next sermon idea? We talk about our process and then recommend some sources for explaining, proving and showing what application of our messages looks like.

In the old days our preaching professors taught us how to manage a sermon illustration database. We had file cabinets or notebooks or file folders with clippings from the paper or photo copies of books we read. Then people started putting these on their computers with software like the program sold by the original makers of QuickVerse Bible Software. Bible Illustrator linked some databases of illustrations to the Bible text from QuickVerse and made them searchable via keyword. Others put them in the old Cards application that came pre-installed with Windows 3.1. A lot of people put them in a word processor or text file. Then the Bible software companies started to include sermon illustration databases in their programs. We showed some books like this available in Accordance Bible Software. Logos and WORDsearch and most of the other big names in Bible software offer these collections.

Unfortunately, most of the sermon illustration books or databases available online, in Bible software or even in book form totally stink. They’re stories from the 1800s or incredibly generic. How many times do we find one that doesn’t fit, but it’s close and it’s really good.

Listen below or watch the YouTube video of our podcast above and learn how we find fresh content from our own experiences, from a Google search or pictures and video files that make that sermon illustration come to life.