Sia Later iPhone 7 Headphone Jack: Theotek Podcast #079

Apple announced the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 on September 7. We talked about it because we can’t help ourselves when it comes to Apple News.

We also debated the value of removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. I’m certain Apple did it for one reason, profit. The others seem a little more favorable of the idea, and that’s okay. What do you think? Post a comment below, on the video at YouTube or hit us up on Twitter.

Some of the highlights of Apple’s accounement include…

  • Updates to iWork suite for collaboration
  • A new camera on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a 2nd lens on the 7 Plus that does zoom and adds narrow depth of field like a DSLR
  • No more headphone jack
  • Faster processor
  • Higher storage levels for the same prices starting at 32 instead of 16GB and now a 256GB offering

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Our Favorite Things Fest: Theotek Podcast #078

Every once in a while we dispense with the news about church and Bible technology and don’t talk about Bible software and only deal with what we call Our Favorite Things. These are recommendations of a tool, accessory, gadget, software, app, service or really anything that we enjoy using in our lives. They come from our ministries in church and Bible tech, church life, family, entertainment or hobbies. We’ll each shared some of our favorite things in this edition of the Theotek Podcast.

Here’s everyone’s list of recommendations with links.

Wes Allen’s Our Favorite Things

Wes talked about using a tablet for note taking purposes and recommended the app Notes Plus for iPad. You can write in your own handwriting and take advantage of Apple Pencil support.

notes plus for ipad

It’s great for recording the meeting and for adding images, drawings and text as well.

Second, Wes recommended Adobe Spark, one of the great Adobe mobile apps. Spark puts together your images and videos into a nice presentation on the web or on mobile devices. See more about the Adobe Mobile apps over at GottaBeMobile where I wrote a full article about the most useful of the Adobe Mobile apps.

LaRosa Johnson’s Our Favorite Things

serif affinity photo editor

LaRosa recommended two great alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Indesign from a company called Serif. Affinity Photo Editor is a great cheaper alternative to Photoshop with layered photo editing tools without the expensive subscription. Get it for $49.99 in the Mac App Store or download the free trial available at their website.

affinity designer on mac

We also learned about Affinity Designer, a pro-level graphic design tool. Both of these tools work with Adobe file formats making it easy to work with others who also use Adobe products. Get a free trial or buy it on the Mac App Store for $49.99 also.

LaRosa’s last recommendation is the iPhone app Over, another graphic tool. It lets users create nice slides with images and text. He uses this to make some nice images for his website which will launch soon. Get Over on iPhone for free.

Rick Mansfield’s Our Favorite Things

Rick shared a couple of tools. First, he likes his 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Fast drive. It’s an external hard drive that costs $179.99 and connects via USB 3.o and runs at 220MB/s.


Sonny Software’s Bookends software helps students with their research. The software helps you keep tabs on your reference works for writing projects.

Finally, Rick doesn’t recommend Verizon Wireless, but he talked about why he and his wife returned to the service. As a tip he said make sure to ask if you can get a discount based on your job. For example, my wife works for the local school district and that means she gets a discount on all the major wireless carriers.

Kevin Purcell’s Our Favorite Things

myscript nebo

I focused on apps for my recommendations. This started with some not taking apps. The first is MyScript Nebo for Surface Pro or Surface Book and iPad. It takes advantage of the Surface Pen or the Apple Pencil. Write in your own handwriting and quickly convert it to text. Add drawings and diagrams. Draw complex math equations and then tap to have the problem solved. The app’s free now for a limited time and $8.99 later.

Another note taking app works on Android. DioNote also writes in your own handwriting. Add drawings and diagrams. It’s simple and free.

I recommended a program called Noteburner, which strips iTunes DRM so you can use the movies and videos you’ve purchased through Apple and watch them on any other device or platform. It’s not cheap at $69.99, but there’s a free trial version.

Logos 7 Arrives: Theotek Podcast #077

Faithlife shipped Logos 7. The update comes with a lot of new features for users of Logos 6. Logos Now users will feel like it’s a pretty minor update.

We covered the major new features in Logos 7 and talked about how users can upgrade or subscribe to Logos Now.

What’s New in Logos 7

Logos 7 Quickstart Layouts

Logos 7 incorporates a bunch of new features including the QuickStart Layouts accessible from the Layouts menu. You’ll find it on the toolbar towards the right next to the question mark icon. A box pops up and along the left inside that box you’ll see a list of layouts. The top section shows your QuickStart Layouts. Think of them as predefined layouts ready for your use. Logos lets users arrange all the books on their desk the way they prefer and then save the layout. See the Saved Layouts in the bottom of the left hand list in the screenshot above. The QuickStart Layouts are layouts made by Logos designers.

Logos 7 Sermon Editor

The Sermon Editor, accessed from the Sermon item in the Documents menu, gives users a sermon creation tool inside Logos 7. The sermons become searchable and show up when the user creates a Passage Guide search on a passage that includes a Sermon made in Sermon Editor.

Inside the Sermon Editor users can instantly add the text of Bible verses by typing the reference. It will replace the reference with the text of that passage.

Logos 7 Sermon Editor Export Tool

The editor also makes slides instantly out of Headings, Bible passages and more. The user can export these slides to Faithlife’s Proclaim presentation service or PowerPoint and others.

Courses Tool creation screen

The Courses Tool takes advantage of the Mobile Education feature introduced in earlier versions of Logos. The Courses quickly takes content from a user’s library and creates a course. This feature will eventually make it possible for a person to make a course on their own or for teachers and professors to create their own courses for use in Sunday school classes, small groups or formal education settings. Until that happens in a future version, the user must use some of the courses already included in their library. It comes with some and users can buy more.

Select from the list along the left of the tool’s box that shows up when you open it from the Tools menu. Click a course and it offers to set it up on for a specific number of days or you can customize how fast you want to move through the course.

There’s a long list of new features with links to explanations of what the new features are in the Logos forums.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

samsung galaxy note 7

After looking at Logos 7, I showed off my new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 is a great Android phone with an active Stylus and now includes a USB Type-C connector. It has a great screen and camera. I love this phone.