Is Apple Ruining Bible Software: Theotek Podcast #087

It seems that Apple is moving away from macOS towards an iOS-centric future. If the iPhone and iPad replaces the Mac, what does that mean for the church, Bible software and companies that make tools and software to help the church and believers make disciples? That’s our discussion as we focused on the question, “Is Apple moving in that direction? If they are does that affect Windows, Mobile devices, and other platforms? What is the future of church software and technology in light of this possibility?”

The conversation began, however, with our Christmas tech toys. The gifts we got for Christmas included some fun things like the following:

  • Michael Purcell – my son joined us for this episode and got the Surface Pro 4, Type cover and Surface Pen. He explains why he loves his.
  • Wes AllenThinkGeek toys like the BB8 Waffle Maker and the R2D2 Coffee Press. He also got an Apple Pencil.
  • LaRosa Johnson – one of LaRosa’s co-workers sold him the Blue Yeti mic.
  • Antoine Wright – one of Antoine’s Kickstarter campaign investments actually came through in a positive way. He got the Lumos Bike Helmet.
  • Kevin Purcell – I got myself a Kindle Fire with the gift card for Amazon that my wife bought me.

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What’s New in Accordance 12 and MacBook Pro with Touchbar: Theotek #086

Accordance 12’s been out for a little while, but we got a chance to see all the new features demonstrated by Mark Allison, an official trainer for Accordance Bible Software. He showed off the new things like Stacks, Paper and more.

Also, Rick Mansfield gave us his mini review of the new MacBook Pro with Touchbar. I showed off my Olloclip for iPhone 7. The shot below shows a wide-angle shot.

Here's a wide-angle shot using the Olloclip on an iPhone 7 Plus.
Here’s a wide-angle shot using the Olloclip on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Here’s what it looks like without the Olloclip using only the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

Here's a regular shot not using the Olloclip on an iPhone 7 Plus.
Here’s a regular shot not using the Olloclip on an iPhone 7 Plus.

The Fish-eye is my favorite.

olloclip fish-eye lesn
The Olloclip for iPhone 7 Fish-eye lens creates this cool effect.

Olloclip gives you a macro lens in the kit too.

macro lens olloclip
This is a drop of water on a table shot with the macro lens on the Olloclip for iPhone 7 Plus.

Wes Allen’s favorite thing comes from Edovia. It’s an app called Screens that lets you remotely control your computer from an iPad. He loves using it with the iPad Pro.

Mark Allison gave us a recommendation called Quad Lock for iPhone. It’s a case and mounting system for your phone and it attachesĀ to bikes, a tripod and more.

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