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Bible Apps on Kindle Fire

Just got a Kindle Fire and already like it. One of the first things I did, after getting some of my favorite Android apps, was to download my favorite Bible apps. Sadly, one of them doesn’t show up in the Amazon App Store but others are well represented. Fortunately, you can download the beta version of the one.

So how does the new kid on the block measure up as a Bible study tablet? Well! Not great, but well. My “first impressions” post is over at the tech site that I write for, Just a quick list of what I think about the tablet in general before getting to Bible specifics …

  • The interface looks nice – nicer than basic AndroidKindel Fire
  • The hardware is simple and works
  • The on/off button is on the bottom. Why?
  • The screen is beautiful and 7 inches is plenty for reading and simple tasks
  • It’s no iPad killer, but might be able to wound Apple sales a little bit for simple needs users
  • The Silk browser stinks!!! Too slow and clunky.

Here are the links to the apps (free unless otherwise labelled) that I have or will soon install on my Amazon Kindle Fire.

There are many more, but these are my choices as the best apps.

So how does the Kindle function as a Bible study tool. Not great. There’s just not enough screen real estate to make it functional, but like your smart phone it will be a great tool for just reading books and commentaries for the next Sunday’s passage while on the go. I’m excited about the fire. Be looking at GottaBeMobile for some other posts and reviews coming up.

To install the Logos app you will have to enable third-party app installation. Do this by going to the Settings screen (the little icon in the upper right of the screen that looks like  a gear sprocket. Then tap on More+. Next choose Device and switch the ON/OFF switch next to Allow Installation of Applications to ON.

9 thoughts on “Bible Apps on Kindle Fire

  1. You you have a link to the search results page for Bible apps on the Kindle Fire by chance? Am going to add your list and that link to the MMM page with other Bible apps (with attribution to you & this page of course).

  2. Kevin, I notice the store/account button in olivetree does not work which prevents downloading of existing purchased books from the olivetree site.

  3. I bought my Mother a Kindle Fire because she is on a breathing machine at night. She cannot see her bible and I am trying to find a good app to have the bible read to her. Can you recommend one good site for me? I feel lost. Thank you..

  4. I love this Bible app. I have it on my phone and would like it on my kindle fire. When I tried to buy it for the kindle fire, a comment came that said I already purchased the app. Can someone tell me how I can get it on my kindle fire please.

  5. I recently purchased the new kindle fire and I would like to bible app that is on my phone. I have searched the list you provided but they all had charges accompanying them. I would like to download the same app that is on my android or at least the equivalent that allows me to choose which version of the bible I would like to read and have audio. Can you please help me? Thank you and God Bless.

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