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Church Tech Solutions: Theotek Podcast #048

More and more congregations seek church tech solutions to help them present the message, interact with their members and keep tabs on people’s needs. We talked about some of the problems people face and offer sensible church tech solutions in this week’s Theotek Podcast. Our 4 Church Tech Solutions We tackled four issues this week. The case…

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Theotek Podcast #031: Heard It, Lived It, Reddit

This week on the Theotek Podcast we talked about the recent controversy over a Reddit person getting fire. What can we learn about how to talk about staff and volunteer conflict management from this story. This past week Microsoft also released a new version of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016. Rick and I shared a little…

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theotek podcast #013

Theotek Podcast 13: Churches Are Hard To Manage

Our weekly Theotek podcast welcome the founder of Christian Computing Magazine, Steve Hewitt to the show. Steve started the magazine back in the nineties and edited it. About 15 years ago he took it fully digital. He invited me to start writing more than ten years ago. We talked about some interesting things, like the…

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