Internet Rumors and the Truth About Burning Galaxy Note 7: Theotek Podcast #082

Recently I recommended the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a favorite thing, but now Samsung’s pulling the phone after the replacement phones are now burning up. A few replacement models seemed to have burned up now in the US.

We talked about the Samsung recall for the first third of the show. Then we got to an interesting discussion about how to find the truth about Internet rumors using online truth sites. Some of the most popular sites like this include, Urban Legends and Truth or Fiction. For political rumors there’s Fact Check.

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samsung galaxy note 7

Windows 10 Anniversary Update & Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Theotek Podcast #074

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with a few cool new features for Windows 10 fans. Also Samsung tried to steal the thunder by announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We’ll talk about both stories and discuss our favorite things.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

windows 10 ink workspace

While most of our Theotek team runs on Mac most of the time, Kevin and Rick often use Windows. The update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings some interesting new features for those of us who use it with a PC that includes pen support. For example, the new Windows Ink technology baked in will improve inking performance in many places, including Office 2016 apps and in a new Windows Ink tool that shows up behind a pen icon in the system tray.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The new specialized Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung isn’t a big update compared to the Note 5, last year’s model. They added some water proof protection, an iris scanner for security and gave it a fine tip on the Note Pen. Other than that it looks like a slightly bigger Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, thanks to the 5.7-inch screen.

Our Favorite Things

In this week’s edition of Our Favorite Things, we get an iPhone case, a new phone and

Jolla c smartphone running sailfish os

Antoine likes his new phone, the Jolla C Smartphone. It’s not readily available in the US, runs Sailfish OS and seems like a novelty, but he loves it.


LaRosa likes his new iPhone case from Baseballism. It’s made of real baseball leather with stitching like a baseball. We all wanted him to get some grass stains on it to prove to use it’s really the same material. I don’t think he’ll run out soon and do that for us.

Bellboy bluetooth headset

Rick recommends the new Bellboy Bluetooth headphones. They look like and fit like the iPhone ear buds.

Wes bought an Apple Watch!


Technolust! Save Money When You WANT to Spend: Theotek Podcast #062

Do you experience Technolust? It’s the feeling you get when you just want some new gadget or software and can’t really afford it. You’ve maybe got the money or room on a credit card and the desire is strong. But you know you don’t need it and it might even be damaging to your finances if you buy it anyway. We’ll share some thoughts on how to avoid getting in a hole or going into debt unnecessarily. We’ve got the cure for Technolust.

The Bible tells us that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. (1 Timothy 6:10) It also tells us not to covet. However, it’s so easy to fall into the trap. How do you avoid the trap of covetousness in the area of tech, what we call Technolust?

Avoiding Technolust

Here’s a list of our tips for avoiding technolust…

  • Stay accountable – make sure your spouse or a friend is checking on you so you don’t spend when you can’t afford it or don’t need it.
  • Set limits – don’t bring your credit card with you shopping or put extra funds in an account you can’t easily access.
  • Find relief before the longing hits you – don’t shop when you don’t need anything or avoid websites or magazines that promote technolust.
  • Satisfy the hunger with something far less cheaper – buy an app or some software or upgrade a computer with some memory or with an accessory.

What to do when you regret a purchase? Plenty of people experience buyers remorse. We talked about why that is, so make sure you watch or listen to the podcast. Here’s what we do.

  • Return it! Don’t buy from places where you can’t return things.
  • Give it away. Someone else may need it to be productive or to replace something they’ve lost due to failure, theft or just losing something.
  • Make sure you can buy. Walk away from the purchase and think hard about it before forking over the cash or plastic.
  • Sell it. Craigslist, eBay and Amazon allow you to sell things and if it’s barely used you may even get close to full price.
  • Repent. If you’re giving into covetousness, then you need to repent by returning it, selling it at a slight loss or giving it away.

Our Favorite Things

I talked about my Samsung Gear VR, which T-Mobile gave me as part of a promotion that’s no longer available. Check it my article about it at GottaBeMobile.


You can also use the Google Cardboard devices which work like Gear VR. Here’s a cheap one at Amazon.

amazon echo tap

Speaking of Amazon, I also showed off my new Amazon Tap. It’s a voice controlled mobile speaker that does so much more. It’s like the computer in Star Wars with a limited set of tools like playing music, sharing sports scores, weather updates and even ordering pizza at Dominos.

ipad pro apple pencil

Apple iPad Pro and More: Theotek Podcast #061

Apple introduced the new iPad Pro 9.7-inch model, which is basically and iPad Air 2 with an update and the iPad Pro display. It uses the Apple Pencil and comes with an optional Smart Keyboard that fits the smaller iPad. They also announced a new iPhone SE.

We talked about the new Apple news and shared Our Favorite Things! We had some fun with this one as Rick shared his excitement of the new Batman v. Superman movie that released that week. I talked again about my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Wes mentioned his new WD NAS backup storage device.