The 12 Days of Logos brings steep discounts on Logos Bible Software books and tools as well as packages. Use the link in this article to save up to 60%.

Every year Faithlife offers what they call the 12 Days of Logos, where they offer 12 different products for steep discounts. That benefits you if you want to buy any of these 12 products for Logos 9. We’ll take a look at them and give you some tips as to which ones you should consider and maybe avoid.

What are the 12 Products Available This Year?

On our list this year, we get some really great books and tools for Logos 9 and Logos Bible Software, which you can use with their latest desktop version of Logos 9 or you can get it on their mobile Logos 9 Mobile app. They also work on the web app.

The above price is my dynamic cost since I own a couple of the NT volumes of this work in Logos 9. Log in and you’ll find your price.

Here’s the list of the 12 products and how much they cost. If you want to buy one of these, I ask you to consider using my affiliate link because it helps me continue my work of writing reviews and how-to articles about Bible software and ministry-related tech topics.

  • Bible for Everyone Commentary Collection (35 vols.) 62% off, $119.99 sale price
  • Challies Recommends: Best Old Testament Commentaries (55 vols.) 50% off, $442.99 sale price
  • Romans-Philemon, 21 vols. (New Testament Technical Commentary Collection) 65% off, $232.99 sale price
  • New Studies in Biblical Theology Series Collection | NSBT (50 vols.) 52% off, $299.99 sale price
  • NIV Application Commentary: New Testament | NIVAC (20 vols) 55% off, $199.99 sale price
  • New International Commentary: Old Testament | NIC (28 vols.) 51% off, $499.99 sale price
  • Popular Patristics Series  Collection (53 vols) 54% off, $229.99 sale price
  • Ancient Christian Reference Collection (55 vols.) 50% off, $549.99 sale price
  • Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary | SHBC (36 vols.) 55% off, $499.99 sale price
  • Welwyn Commentary Series | WCS (56 vols.) 60% off, $199.99 sale price
  • New Covenant Commentary Series | NCCS (16 vols.) 54% off, $99.99 sale price
  • The Life Application Bible Commentary (17 vols.) 60% off, $49.99 sale price

Let me highlight a couple of the above books. I use the New International Commentary: Old and New Testament sets regularly. Faithlife is offering the Old Testament package for only $500, a 51% discount. That’s steep. It’s both an easy to understand commentary, but has a technical level of information for advanced Bible students and people who teach and preach the Bible.

The NIV Application Commentary: New Testament comments on the text and then offers some practical application to the commentary. This helps the average Bible student or the teacher/preacher alike. You’ll pay only $200, a great price for this product.

The Life Application Bible Commentary focuses on real-world use of the teachings of scripture to help Christians in their growth. It comes in at 60% off.

Deals on Logos 9 Packages

The prices above are what I would pay thanks to dynamic pricing. Log in and you’ll see how much you’ll pay and 5% will help me out.

In addition to the above tools, you can also get one of the Logos 9 packages available from Faithlife with some deals. Logos identifies them by colorful names like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can follow my affiliate link, which gives me a 5% commission to help me continue writing helpful reviews and how-to articles about Bible software and ministry tech.

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