Faithlife recently released a Logos 9.5 Update to their popular Logos Bible Software. It comes with 18 new features and updates.

Logos 9.5 Update came out recently, and it brought some interesting new features and fixes. Here’s a list of the X new features in Logos 9.5 that you can enjoy right now by updating your copy of Logos. If you’re not yet running Logos 9, now’s a good time to update. See my 6-month later review to get a 15% discount until June 15, 2021.

Type Update Now in the Command Box to get the Logos 9.5 Update
Type Update Now in the Command Box to get the Logos 9.5 Update

Download and update inside Logos 9 using the Update Now command in the Command Box. It sits on the toolbar on the left side with the big green GO button as seen in the screen shot above.

Counseling Guide Improvements

  • New Journals Guide Section
  • New Lectures Guide Section
  • New Web Resources Guide Section
  • New Bookstore Guide Section
  • More Link takes you to Monographs and Dictionaries Sections.

Factbook Improvements

See our post about how to use the new Factbook

  • Added the ability to see your results in the autocomplete drop-down when there are no results in your localized language.
  • Added a keyboard switcher to the Factbook auto-completer.
  • Improved the transliterations in Factbook autocomplete
Logos 9.5 Update adds a keyboard switcher to the Factbook box so users can easily switch to other languages.
Logos 9.5 Update adds a keyboard switcher to the Factbook box so users can easily switch to other languages.

My Library

Logos 9.5 Update added a new Factbook facet to the Yours and Store tabs in the Library.

There’s now a new facet in the My Library for Factbook in the tabs for Yours and Store, which refers to books the user owns or books from the Logos store. So first, open the Library, and you’ll find these tabs in the upper right part of the window on the toolbar. Next, open the Facets list by clicking on the Facets button, which looks like three horizontal lines next to the search box in the Library window.

When a user clicks on the “more:” link in the Facets list, it adds up to 100 new items instead of just 50 as it previously did.

Other New Features in the Library

From the Logos 9.5 Update wiki

  • Added support to persist Library settings in Favorites, Shortcuts, History, and Bookmarks.
  • Added support to retain the selected tab and filter state when copying the panel URL.
  • The update moved the Language facet to the top in the Store tab.

Resource Info Panel Improvement

Logos added a Start reading plan item to the list in the resource panel. First, click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right of a book window. Then click the Start reading plan button in the list.

If you use the reading plans in Logos 9, you’ll love the new feature they added to the Resource Info Panel in the Logos 9.5 Update. First, open a book and click on the resource panel by clicking on the three vertical dots button at the right end of the book’s toolbar. Then, click on the Start reading plan button in the list.

Sermon Builder Improvements

In this version, you can now edit passage blocks in the Sermon Builder. This also works with quote blocks. When you hit Enter, the cursor will leave the blockquote box. Also, Logos will now auto-publish the date changes on a sermon’s occasion.

Two other minor updates include a new Store button on the toolbar. This is a little annoying because it takes up space that may be precious to users on smaller screens.

Before the Logos 9.5 update, when you created a customized guide using one of the default guides as your starting point, Logos never added new sections in later updates. Now, if you add sections or remove sections from the default guides, then Logos will not only keep your changes, but add anything they added to the default guides. New things added in future updates would not be added to your customized version, but Logos fixed that in this update.

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