Logos Bible software users can get 3 great Logos deals right now.

Logos Bible software users can get 3 great Logos deals right now. The first one is an older deal that remains in place until June 15. The other three just started this June.

Do you use Logos Bible Software for your study? Logos 9 is a great package to study the Bible personally, for sermons, Bible studies, teaching, preaching, and for your scholarly study.

Save on Logos 9 Packages or other Logos Deals.

Save 15% on Logos Deal on Logos 9 Base Package Sales

We shared last month during our 6-month later review. You can get 5 free books from a select collection of titles plus get 15% off Logos 9 Base Packages. Here’s the link to get the deal.

The base packages will let you upgrade to Logos 9 if you haven’t already. If you did, you can jump up to a higher level or get the next level for your denominational base package.

50% Off Eerdmen Publishing Resources for Logos

Save on NICOT and NICNT bundle in this months’ deal on Eerdman’s Publishing.

Check out these great deals and add to your research or study library books like…

  • NICOT and NICNT – a great in-depth commentary series on the Bible with “thorough and modern scholarship” on the books of the Bible covered by the New International Commentary series. You save over $600 off the $1599.99 regular price.
  • Eerdman’s Biblical Reference Collection – resources on language study, additions to the Factbook, and the Theological Dictionary of the OT and NT. The collection retails for $1,138.99, but you can buy it in this sale for $569.99.
  • Theological Dictionary of the OT and NT – a great set for theological linguistic research and study. It normally costs $849.99, but with this Logos deal, save 40% and pay $509.99.
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Revised – ISBE was a standard reference for almost any important word or topic in the Bible with a huge collection of 1,500 photos and 342 maps. Instead of paying $129.99, you only pay $77.99.
  • Two Horizons Commentary Series – get 23 volumes with excellent biblical exegesis and theological study. It covers the Bible paragraph by paragraph rather than verse by verse. Pay just $249.99, saving 28% off the $349.99.

Logos Deal on Free Book of the Month

Every month Logos offers a free book of the month, where users can save and get a free book. Sign up for the email to get the book. You can also get other books drastically discounted. For example, this month get…

  • Hard Sayings of the Bible – explains over 500 passages difficult to understand. Free
  • The Spirit of Grace – part of the Christian Belief for Everyone Series, which gives readers an accessible explanation of the doctrines of the faith. This is the 4th volume covering “the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of the Saints, and the forgiveness of sins.” $.99
  • Psalms: An Introduction and Commentary – part of the Tyndale Commentaries series. $1.99
  • The Person of Christ – focuses on the person of Christ in the history of church doctrine. $2.99
  • 2 Corinthians The IVP NT Commentary – part of this commentary series and covers the book in a practical and theological way covering passage by passage comments. $3.99
  • The Temple and the Church’s Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God – G.K. Beale discusses the OT tabernacle and temple as symbols of the indwelling of Christ and talks about how this applies to NT understanding thanks to Christ. $4.99
  • The Bible for Everyone – a new version of the Bible written to make it more accessible for everyone. $5.99
  • Exodus Apollos OT Commentary – discusses the book focusing on the Exodus event and how we learn of God’s love for his people as he changes the lives of people who were similarly victimized. $6.99
  • Foundations of the Christian Faith: A Comprehensive & Readable Theology Revised and Expanded – a readable theology for the average believer. $7.99
  • The Revelation to John: A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse – Dr. Stephen Smalley offers a commentary on the Greek text of the book of Revelation. $8.99
  • Pre-order Changed into His Likeness: A Biblical Theology of Personal Transformation – Gary Miller covers the issue of the Gospel where many promise too much and others expect too little of converts. $7.99

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