Logos 9 Bible Software can help you share God's word. Check out these best posts on Logos 9 and a way to save 20%.

Logos Bible Software is one of the top Bible study programs you can buy for both Mac and PC. It’s powerful, helps users access a large library of excellent content, and beginners and advanced Bible software users can quickly get used to the program.

I’ve written a lot about the program so I’m going to share some of my best posts and then show you how you can get a discount on the software.

Open the Logos Guides From Inside Accordance

accordance amplify to website feature

Some of you might be coming over to Logs from Accordance or vice versa. You don’t have to uninstall the old one. Just use them together. You can open a Passage Guide or any of the great guides inside Accordance and make use of your Logos library.

Find out how to do this great little hack in my post: How to Use Accordance Amplify to Website to Open Your Logos Library.

The Factbook: What is it and How Do You Use It?

new logos 9 factbook

Think of the Factbook as a Bible Encyclopedia on steroids. It’s got a lot of facts about the bible. You can learn more about people, places, things, theological ideas, books of the Bible, and a ton more. So read the article about how to use it and watch the video below that demonstrates the Logos 9 Factbook.

Make Logos Work Like Wordsearch

If you loved Wordsearch, then you likely felt abandoned when Lifeway sold the program and all of its assets to Faithlife, the makers of Logos. But, I wrote a post on How to Make Logos Work More Like Wordsearch. So check that article out.

Get 20% Off Base Packages

logos 9 base packages deal
Get 20% Off by clicking the image or the link below.

Maybe you don’t already own Logos 9 and would like to. You can get 20% off a base package using my affiliate link. The like will work from April 1 till May 3rd. For full disclosure, I will get 10% of the purchase price from Faithlife as a commission.

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