Accordance Bible Software recently updated their advanced Bible software to Accordance 13. It comes with some incredible new features to make this powerful Bible software package even more useful. Check out the brief descriptions of 8 new features demonstrated in the included video. Mark Allison and Rick Mansfield joined me on Theotek on Youtube.

Accordance 13 Upgrade Demo Video

Accordance 13 Dark Mode

accordance 13 dark mode

The upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina included something called Dark Mode. Accordance adopted this with their software. If you love Dark Mode on a Mac then you’ll likely love it in Accordance 13.

The way the company implemented Dark Mode lets you customize it so that if you don’t want it in certain places you can turn it off. However, by default the entire user interface will show in Dark Mode when you turn it on.

Dark Mode does not work yet in the Windows version of Accordance. But it should come soon.

accordance 13 dark mode preferences options

To turn on dark mode in Accordance you’ll need to first turn it on in macOS System Preferences. Open System Preferences from the Dock or from the Apple Logo in your menu bar. Click on General and then click on either Dark Mode to turn it on all the time. You can also use it only in dark environments by using the Auto setting next to Dark Mode.

opening accordance 13 preferences

Now go to Accordance 13’s settings from the Accordance menu in the upper left on your menu bar on your Mac and click on Preferences. Then open the Appearance setting screen in the list on the left of the preferences box. Now click on Automatically adjust to system dark mode. This will turn on Dark Mode if you turn it on in the Mac System Preferences. When you set this preference, it will require you to restart Accordance before it takes effect. Choose the Restart Now button unless you want to wait to apply it the next time you launch the program. After you click Restart Now you will have to click on the OK button to restart the program and you’ll see the new Dark Mode.

accordance 13 preferences appearance

6 New Themes in Accordance 13

Accordance 13 also adds new themes. These change the coloring and fonts used in the user interface. You can’t choose these new themes if you keep the program in Dark Mode. The new Themes will work on Windows.

Switch to a new Theme from the same Appearance screen in Accordance Preferences. On Windows it will show up on the Edit menu. On Mac it’s in the Accordance Menu.

Click on the General Theme drop down box (see image above). You’ll see 6 options. Click on one and click the Preview button. Now you’ll see the new theme applied.

Search Inside Accordance 13 Preferences

search inside preferences accordance 13
Use the box in the upper right to search for settings in Accordance 13.

The Accordance 13 Preferences contains hundreds of options that the user can change, but finding them can get difficult. When you type in the box it starts showing possible entries guessing what you want. You can click one of the entries in the drop down list and it takes you to that page in the program’s Preferences.

Built-in Accordance 13 Tutorials

built-in tutorials in accordance 13
Find the Tutorials in Help Menu or on the Toolbar

Accordance has a vast array of Built-in Tutorials ready to help you learn to use the features in Accordance 13. In Windows, click on the Help menu and find Tutorials. A fly out menu shows up with a long list of them. In the top you will see them grouped by Difficulty level. Click on Easy, Intermediate or Advanced to see more Tutorials based on t hose levels of skill.

Below the Difficulty section you’ll see them grouped by Topic. Click on a Topic to see the Tutorials related to that Topic.

Highlighting in Accordance 13

accordance 13 highlighting drawing pen
New highlighting features in Accordance 13

The new Highlighting feature brings some exciting new ways to mark up your Bible. You’ll see the same old highlighting colors and icons, but now you’ve got some new ways. You can even use an Apple Pencil, if you own one. We’ll show you how below.

Click on the Highlight toolbar button to open the dialog box. On top fo the box you’ll see buttons for Highlighter, Pen and Eraser. The first one, called Highlighter shows your usual tools for highlighting words and verses.

highlighting dialog box

The second one is labeled Pen. lets you draw circles and squares to name a couple. The program detects what you’re drawing and cleans it up to make it look pretty. Then, if you want, you can also draw straight or curved lines to connect words. You can also draw arrows.

The lines and shapes can get challenging to draw accurately with a mouse or trackpad. A Windows machine with a Pen, like the Surface Pro, might make this easier. You can also use the new Sidecar feature in macOS 10.15 Catalina if you have a recent model Mac and iPad with Apple Pencil.

Eraser does as it says – erase your highlighting. Click it to get rid of hour highlights.

Highlighting Whiteboard Feature

accordance 13 highlighting white board
Click the Whiteboard check box to turn it on.

Another Highlighting tool lets you draw all over the place like a whiteboard and marker. These don’t get saved, but you can use this to teach with Accordance displayed on a screen or by recording your screen and uploading the video somewhere.

Turn on Whiteboard by checking the little box labeled Whiteboard Drawing to the right of the drawing color options in the Highlighting dialog box. After your done, you can clear the drawings by clicking on the Clear Whiteboard button.

To save the videos do a screenshot and then add that image to an Accordance Note. I’ll create a video on this soon, so check back on this page or my YouTube channel for that video.

Accordance 13 Text Search Command

accordance 13 text command
Open the Text Search Command dialog box (shown here) from any Search window or use the Search Menu.

The Text Search command is a new way to enter special search features in Accordance 13. This helps you find things in your grammatically-tagged texts like the grammatically tagged Greek New Testament or BHS Tagged Hebrew Bible. This especially benefits users who don’t know Greek or Hebrew because they can search for grammar tags while they’re in an English text.

First, open a English Bible with Greek or Hebrew tags like the ESV with Strong’s. Then open the Text Search box.

accordance 13 text command enter command menu
Add commands or tags using the two drop down boxes when you have a tagged text open.

To open the Text Search Command box, go to the the Search menu and find Enter Command in the menu. A fly out menu shows up with Text on the list. Click it to open a new dialog box. Or you can use the Shift+Command+T to open the box.

Now you can use this to search by adding commands to help you find things based on grammar tags. The drop down box at the top lets you search in various Bibles. Pick a Greek or Hebrew Bible with grammatical tags like the Greek NT Tagged.

Now you’ll see that both the Enter Command and Enter Tag boxes are active. They are drop down boxes that let you add either kind of search feature to the search box. Perform your search now using one or both.

Accordance 13 Amplify to Constructs

There’s another new way of searching called the Amplify to Construct feature. This feature lets you create really complex searches using a graphical user interface.

accordance 13 amplify to construct

Access this feature by selecting the some text that you want to search, like “God of peace” found in Romans 15:33. Select it and right-click and choose Construct and then choose one fo the four options. You will only see Word if you are using an English Bible with only Strong’s tagging. You can also find this by using the Amplify menu and choosing Construct.

This opens a new dialog box that lets you change the search and add more features to your search. We don’t have to room to show you all that this can do, so be sure to watch the YouTube video at the top where Rick Mansfield demonstrates the feature more in depth.

PDF Import in Accordance 13

Now users can import their PDF documents into Accordance 13. This is not perfect but works well with simple PDFs.

accordance 13 pdf import
Go to the User Tool button on your Tool Bar and choose Import.

Import a PDF document by clicking on the User Tool button on the tool bar. If you don’t have it, add it by right-clicking the tool bar and drag the button to the tool bar. A menu pops up and you’ll choose Import… from the list.

accordance 13 pdf new user tool menu command

Users can also import using the New menu. Click it and choose Import User Tool….

accordance 13 pdf import user tool dialog box

Regardless of which method you use to start the import process, it will open a new Import to Tool dialog box. In the drop down box at the top select PDF and then OK. The program will give you a copyright warning. Click OK and find the file on your hard drive.

After it imports the Accordance 13 displays the new User Tool. You can edit it just like you do any other tool or your notes.

Mouse Over Highlighting Between English, LXX and Hebrew Bible

Now with Accordance 13 you can open an English text with tags, a Hebrew Bible and the LXX and as you select a word in Hebrew it will show you that word in the other two.

mouse over highlighting between english lxx and hebrew

Open a tagged Hebrew Bible, a Septuagint that’s also tagged, and an English Bible with tags. Then hover over a Hebrew word and see what word that corresponds to in the Greek and English.

This helps users study Hebrew and Greek words even if they don’t really know Hebrew or Greek.

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