Get some of these great Accordance deals on some excellent resources. I share my thoughts on them and what you should buy.

If you’re an Accordance Bible Software user, then be sure to head over to their website and take a look at their 7 price point Accordance deals to help you grow your library. You might already know about the sale since they send out an email to customers. But let’s take a look at what’s included in these 7 price points to help you decide what you might want to invest in for your Accordance Bible Software library.

I’m not getting any kickback or free content from Accordance for this post. These are some great commentaries, reference books, and tools that Accordance users should look at.

Accordance divided this wonderful list of Accordance Deals into 7 different price points, which they call Choose Your Savings. The deals start at $200 on the high end and falling to $0 for the cheapest set. See below for the books included in each price point with some info about my experience using some of these tools.

$200 Accordance Deals

The three commentary sets that cost about $200 includes one of my favorites. The New American Commentary looks at the text with the pastor and advanced Bible student in mind. It’s also useful for scholars, with some technical detail in the treatment of each scripture passage.

new american commentary accordance deals

As a brand new pastor in 1993, I began subscribing to this set in book form. Broadman & Holman sent me a new book every few months. This continued for years until they slowed down. Today, they’re still missing a couple of volumes. The books missing include…

  • Psalms 1-72 – no known release date
  • Ephesians – projected release date of October 2022

NAC uses the NIV text. It’s not too technical, so that most believers could make use of this excellent set.

The other sets included in this deal at $200 includes…

  • SIL Exegetical Summary Series – gives a summary of how many different scholars treat a text. Students could begin with this and then jump to other commentaries based on what they find in this summary.
  • Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible – this commentary also includes a detailed outline of each passage. Buyers will get the commentary focusing on helping the preacher organize sermons with exegetical outlines of the text and suggestions for teaching the text. I often consult POSB when I’m struggling to outline the text or, after I’m done, to check my understanding.

$150 Accordance Deals

bible speaks today accordance deals

Bible Speaks Today – The commentary set focuses on making their commentaries understandable and readable while still covering the important details of the text. The resource helps teachers and preachers with applicable and understandable exposition. It’s in my top 10 list of commentaries that I consult when I preach.

Reformed Expository Commentary – as the name suggests, this work takes a reformed approach. I’m not familiar with it since I don’t own it and don’t consider myself reformed. According to Accordance, the series is “accessible to both pastors and lay readers” with “exposition that gives careful attention to the biblical text” from a reformed, Christ-centered focus.

Mentor Commentary Bundle – like the Reformed Expository Commentary, I’m not familiar with this set. Accordance brags about the set holding to a “high view of Scripture and stays close to “orthodoxy while appreciating and learning from the latest theological research. This unique combination allows the reader to see what recent scholarly research has discovered without losing sight of the inerrancy of scripture.”

$100 Accordance Deals

Old Testament and New Testament for Everyone – Accordance separates this set into two, so you’re really paying $200 for both. However, this lets people buy one or the other if they prefer. The OT set is written by John Goldingay and covers every single passage of the OT with a simple explanation for the average person. This makes a nice devotional commentary that users can also consult as they teach a small group. The NT volume, written by NT Wright, includes his own translation of every passage in the NT. If focuses on relevance for today making it also a good devotional tool

Perspectives Series – think of this as an issues-based work with the debate over “the most challenging issues in biblical studies, theology, and pastoral ministry. You get a point-counterpoint style approach to the big issues, including things like Family Ministry, the Doctrine of God, the Sabbath, and Your Child’s Education, to name a few.

$80 Accordance Deals

Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament – most of the time a commentary authored by one writer might not offer the best option. However, sometimes that one person did a great job and so you jump in. Lenski translated each passage and then covers it with a conservative viewpoint. He discusses the language and translation with great detail.

Barclay’s New Daily Study Bible New Testament – people who want a devotional commentary with depth will enjoy this work. The updated version in this work helps this generation understand Barclay’s illustrations and discussion.

Introduction to the Old Testament – four volume introduction to the OT. I’m not familiar with it, so take a look at the description of each work from Accordance.

$50 Accordance Deals

phillips commentary accordance deals

John Phillips OT and NT Exploring Commentaries – this work focuses on practical application in an accessible format for lay people and pastors alike. It’s full of illustrations that teachers and preachers can use in their expositions. I haven’t used it a lot, but do occasionally consult it for help in bringing a passage to life.

Gold Nuggets: Sermon Outlines – the Golden Nuggets comes from The Preacher’s Goldmine, a monthly publication of outlines aimed at helping preachers. They organized them into annual collections and put them together in this resource in digital form with Accordance.

For Everyone Bible Study Guides by NT Wright – go through the New Testament using this Bible study guide, which uses inductive study to come to an understanding of the meaning and application of each passage in the NT. It’s a great resource to get you started in preparing Bible study lessons for a small group.

Accordance Deals Under $40

complete word study dictionary ot nt

Complete Word Study Dictionary of OT and NT – while I own many scholarly and detailed word study tools, I usually prefer to look at this work when I’m preparing my sermons and studies. That’s because each word has plenty of cross references, that help the reader understand the Greek or Hebrew word translated in an Old or New Testament passage. It’s advanced by not as technical as other lexicons. I use the other ones too, but start here.

Portable Seminary 2nd Edition – think of this as a seminary in one tool with content related to Bible surveys, theology, history, homiletics and more. Authors like my mentor Haddon Robinson as well as other contemporary writers help readers learn about how to lead the church today.

Handbook of Bible Application – this book organizes itself by topic aiming to help readers apply the scriptures to everyday life.

Hard Sayings of the Bible – tackle the tough issues in Scripture with this reference of 500+ difficult to understand passages.

Life Essentials Study Bible Notes – Gene Getz gets at the topics in this set of notes on topics and passages simply and accessibly. The goal is to support preachers and small group leaders or teachers who want to help their students and church members understand in a practical way how to live out the truths of Scripture. I love this set and own it now in three different forms and just bought it for Accordance too.

5 Free Abraham Lincoln Collection Books

Get five free books about the Great Emancipator. You’ll get the following works:

licoln bundle
  • Abe Lincoln’s Anecdotes and Stories: “A Collection of the best stories told by Lincoln which made him famous as America’s best storyteller.” Compiled by R. D. Wordsworth in 1908.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Religion: By Madison C. Peters (1908)
  • Lincoln’s Use of the Bible: By S. Tervena Jackson (1909)
  • The Soul of Abraham Lincoln: By William E. Barton (1920)
  • Abraham Lincoln: Was He a Christian?: By John E. Remsburg (1893)

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