You can save a lot on these wonderful Accordance Deals on B&H Publishing works. They include commentaries, practical books, and theologies.

Accordance users know that the company produces great digital Bible study tools, and now you can add to those with some Accordance Deals on B&H Publishing. I’ve used many of these and even did a review of one of these sets. Here’s a look at what you can get with these great Accordance Deals.

Accordance Deals on B&H Publishing Commentaries

These commentary deals will save a nice chunk of change.

accordance deals on NAC commentary
NAC Commentary is the Best deal in this set of Accordance Deals

Those who can afford to should get the entire NAC series. It’s one of my favorite commentary series. I own it on every platform that I use, and the Accordance Deals on this make it a no-brainer. Get the full set for $400 off their regular price.

holman bible commentary series
Holman Bible Commentary

I also like the Holman Bible Commentary. It’s a nice tool for anyone who teaches Bible studies because each passage of scripture contains some illustrations to introduce the chapter’s topic. Then you get exposition and application.

The Christ Exposition Commentary is decent. It seems like a collection of sermons organized into a commentary, which can help preachers working through books of the Bible in the series.

Other B&H Publishing Accordance Deals

Here’s the list of the other Accordance deals you can find on their website. First, we’ll look at new B&H Publishing releases…

  • Theology for the Church – $20.90
  • Theology of the Reformers – $17.90
  • The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament – $15.90
  • Letters to Timothy: A Handbook for Pastors – $11.90
  • Engaging Exposition: A 3-D Approach to Preaching – $16.90
  • Anointed Expository Preaching – $14.90
  • The Great Commission to Worship – $11.90
  • The Ministers Manual for Funerals – $9.90

Of the above, I’m most interested in Letters to Timothy. It sounds like a useful tool for pastors who want a Biblical approach to the ministry.

I’ve read Anointed Expository Preaching. I don’t recommend it. Olford’s too captivated by alliteration, which clouds understanding instead of improving it. Check out Bryan Chappell’s Christ-Centered Preaching instead.

Book Sets on Sale in the Accordance Deals

The NAC studies in Bible & Theology comes with 11 volumes of excellent content about various theology and Biblical studies subjects. It costs $99.90 as a set, and I recommended it in my review last year.

The Perspectives Series Bundle costs $99.90 which gives you a set of debates from leading scholars on subjects in Biblical studies, theology, and pastoral ministry. The books present a point-counterpoint approach to the topics.

The “Is” Series Bundle comes with three books including…

  • Evangelism Is…
  • Ministry Is…
  • Pastoral Leadership Is…

Each book covers the topics in brief chapters on each aspect of the three topics. They explain the aspects of the three parts of ministry.

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