Our new episode of Theotek covers the Apple Spring Loaded event where Apple announced iMacs, iPad Pros, and more. Find out what Rick and Kevin thought and hear the opinions of their two guests.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Apple released their Apple Spring Loaded announcement video in which they showed off a lot of new tech toys. We saw a set of new colorful entry-level iMacs with the new M1 chips, an incredibly thin design that makes it look like an oversized 24-inch iPad on a stand. Also, they showed off an updated 2021 iPad Pro in both 11 and 12.9-inch sizes. They boosted the quality of the displays and added a Thunderbolt port for high-speak communication with displays and storage.

Apple Spring Loaded – Theotek Episode #002 with Kevin and Rick

My friend Rick Mansfield and I released our second episode of the new and improved Theotek, a podcast about ministry tech made easy. This show covered all things Apple Spring Loaded.

Watch the entire Apple Spring Loaded event from YouTube here.

We invited our friends, including Antoine Wright, who works with government agencies designing websites and user interfaces. LaRosa Smith also joined us. He now works as a contract designer of Bible study books for companies like Olive Tree Bible Software. He just published his second book, Bible Study Tips, which carries the same name as his YouTube show, in which he teaches the Bible and how to study the Bible. Here’s one of his videos below:

A recent video from LaRosa and Bible Study Tips

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