Billy Graham died today at the age of 99 after years of faithful ministry.

One thing that surprised me to learn when I toured the Billy Graham library was his forward thinking use of technology to spread the Gospel. I’m not sure why it surprised me, but I’d never thought of him and tech together.

billy graham library

In the library in Charlotte, NC there’s an entire room dedicated to things like his use of film, radio, TV, and now the Internet to spread the message of God’s grace. He used any means to share what “… the Bible says.”

Billy Graham even spoke at TED. It was back in 1999 and he talked about the use of technology in his ministry.

If you’re not family with TED talks, these short speeches cover areas of interest to a mostly technology enthusiast crowd in various places around the world. You can get their apps on your phone or streaming boxes and online.

Here’s his TED Talk in California back in 1999 in California.


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