theotek podcast #013

Theotek Podcast 13: Churches Are Hard To Manage

Our weekly Theotek podcast welcome the founder of Christian Computing Magazine, Steve Hewitt to the show. Steve started the magazine back in the nineties and edited it. About 15 years ago he took it fully digital. He invited me to start writing more than ten years ago. We talked about some interesting things, like the impact online security can have on the church and Christians in general. We also discussed church management software among other things. Give it a watch or listen using the player below. [powerpress]

5 Tips for Preaching with PowerPoint #3, 4 and 5

In the first part of this list of tips for preaching with PowerPoint, we shared two ways to preach with PowerPoint. The first one said, don’t use PowerPoint because it’s ugly and doesn’t include the features modern worship software programs features like quickly inserting lyrics, Bible verses, videos and images. They cost more, but the users will produce better worship presentations. Second, we talked about being more visual with sermon point or sermon idea slides. Use less text and include quality images. Now lest jump into tip number three. Stop Preaching with PowerPoint and Clip Art Back in the early […]


5 Tips for Preaching with PowerPoint – #1 and 2

Ten years ago when I finished my Doctor of Ministry Dissertation, Using Multimedia in Expository Preaching, many churches already used projection systems even back then to display song lyrics, announcements, photo slide shows of church activities and for preaching with PowerPoint. In 2015 the projector and screen shows up in most church worship spaces, even in churches that still call them a “sanctuary.” As someone whose preached for over ten years using multimedia to display outlines, illustrations and Bible verses, let me share 5 tips for preaching with PowerPoint to help pastors and multimedia teams communicate God’s work in a […]

What the Brian Williams Story Can Teach Preachers

Brian Williams got publicly disgraced all over the Internet like so many do in the era of 24 hour cable news and light speed social networks. For those unaware, Brian Williams, who announced the NBC Nightly News since 2004, was caught in a lie. Multiple sources said that Williams distorted the truth about his experiences covering the first Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina in New Orléans. Plenty of other can explain the details of the story better than I can here, so go read one of those. What does the Brian Williams story teach pastors? Williams created a problem for himself when he violated the news reporting “rule” […] 2.0

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