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Stephanie Gray – Abortion: From Controversy to Civility

The following video comes from Talks at Google and includes what I consider one of the most eloquent and cogent arguments for life and for discussing the pro-life/pro-choice debate with civility and grace instead of anger and combativeness. Her book Love Unleashes Life looks quite interesting. On her website she explains where the title came…

By Kevin 2017-08-28 0

What a Tech Podcaster Can Teach Pastors about Leadership

Mike Elgan, the news director for wrote an article about the lessons he’s learned about leadership while serving as the anchor of This Week In Tech’s daily tech news podcast. I read the article and decided that his lessons apply to pastors too. Here’s what a tech podcaster can teach pastors about leadership in the local church.…

By Kevin 2015-04-02 1

Online Church?

Church today takes on many forms, from the traditional collection of members meeting regularly in a building to house churches that gather in a living room or even churches in coffee shops, restaurants or other public places. But can a church go online and still keep the biblical requirements for church? Paul Alan Clifford from Trinity…

By Kevin 2015-03-23 3