discovering the big idea part one

Discover the Big Idea: Step 4 in Creative Digital Sermon Prep

We’re looking at 10 Steps of Creative Digital Sermon Preparation in Logos Bible Software and it’s now time to Discover the Big Idea of the text on our way to preparing an expository sermon. Many preachers will call this main idea, the thesis, the textual ideal or sermon idea of the text. Every passage of Scripture has a message for the original audience that we can also apply to a modern audience. We want to learn what the author wanted the original audience to take away from the text and then apply that to our audience today. We seek a […]

asking interpretive questions

Asking Interpretive Questions in Logos: Step 3 in Creative Digital Sermon Prep

While not the first step in preparing a sermon, asking interpretive questions helps take you from wondering to understanding what a passage has to say to the audience in modern day. A preacher begins the sermon prep process by choosing a sermon text to preach or teach and then begins the study of that text by reading it multiple times. Next, the preacher records observations of the text in a detailed way. That brings us to the next part of our 10 Steps of Creative Sermon Prep. We call it Asking Interpretive Questions of the text, which guide the study […]


7 Great Sources for Sermon Illustrations

Do you need to find the perfect sermon illustrations to bring life and grab attention for the message for modern-day listeners with limited attention spans? I do and so I seek them from many sources, but a few websites help me find them. In the old days preachers would sometimes find sermon illustrations by consulting books that collected these illustrations by topic and sometimes by scripture reference. These books often suffered from a big problem; they were stale and usually dominated by old missionary stories or quotes of preachers from the 19th century. However, we still bought the books because […]


Logos Sermon Prep Part Five: Taking Notes for Observations and Questions

Logos Bible Software helps preachers and teachers prepare their messages thanks to some useful Logos sermon prep tools, but the Notes feature gets more use than any other feature besides offering a library of Bibles, books and reference books. I use Notes extensively for the following: Recording my thoughts about a text. Keeping rack of ideas for how to preach a passage. Record things learned in research of a text. Write down questions I need to research. I use a process called Inductive Bible Study in my Logos sermon prep, where the student reads the text and thinks about the […]


Logos Sermon Prep Part Four: Text Comparison Tool in Inductive Bible Study

The next step on Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep helps us actually learn what the passage we’ve selected means by reading it repeatedly using the Text Comparison Tool. We’re talking about Inductive Bible Study. What is Inductive Bible Study? The phrase Inductive Bible Study refers to studying the Bible hoping to discover the meaning of the text without any prejudices or preconceived notions brought to the task. Seminary students will remember studying the terms eisogesis and exegesis. We call Inductive Bible study exegesis in scholarly circles. It means studying the text and discovering the meaning based on the words, concepts, […]