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Sermon Prep Part 5: Theotek Podcast #069

We’re in the home stretch in our series on writing your sermons and Bible studies using digital tools like Bible study software or online Bible sites. This episode covers tips and trips for actually writing the sermon outline or manuscript. How can digital BIble study tools help in forming your notes and outline? Some of…

By Kevin 2016-06-22 0

Sermon Prep Part 3: Theotek Podcast

In part 3 of the Sermon Prep series on Theotek, we covered digital reference books. Each member of the team recommends our favorite tools like Bible dictionaries, lexicons, and more. For review we covered the first steps of sermon prep in part one of our series. Then in We started out with English Bible dictionaries.…

By Kevin 2016-05-24 0

Digital Sermon Prep Part 1: Theotek Podcast #065

We started a series in this week’s Theotek Podcast on doing digital sermon prep. Our team will take you through our steps of sermon prep using Bible software and digital tools. In this first step we focused on choosing a passage. Software packages come with tools to help you figure out what verses to include…

By Kevin 2016-05-14 0

Finding Sermon Illustration Content on Theotek Podcast #054

Looking for a good sermon illustration your next sermon idea? We talk about our process and then recommend some sources for explaining, proving and showing what application of our messages looks like. In the old days our preaching professors taught us how to manage a sermon illustration database. We had file cabinets or notebooks or file…

By Kevin 2016-02-08 0

Preaching With an iPad Pro: Theotek Podcast #046

What is the new Apple iPad Pro like for studying the Bible, preaching or teaching? Rick Mansfield (@thislamp and got one this week and we asked him a lot of questions about using it. Watch or listen below to hear his thoughts. Just a summary of Rick’s conclusions. First, he likes the side-by-side feature…

By Kevin 2015-11-16 1

iPad Sermon Preperation: Tools Apps and Tips

Ever thought about doing a little iPad sermon prep? A lot of preachers carry around an iPad or some other tablet these days for checking email, surfing the web, playing games, streaming video or taking notes. Many of us also use them for simple Bible study on the go. However, can a preacher study and prepare an entire sermon…

By Kevin 2015-09-03 0