Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep Part Three: Concordance Tool

We’ve already looked twice at the topic of choosing a text, but let me take a third swing at a tool that you should consider using for Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep. We’ll take a look at the Concordance Tool in this third part of the series. I began looking at picking topics and picking passages in parts one and two. Now, how can the Concordance Tool help us in choosing passages to preach or teach. Here’s the secret of this powerful tool… The Concordance Tool Video My video below shows the basics of the Concordance Tool in Logos 7.   […]

scrivener sermon organization

Using Scrivener to Write Sermons

Preachers use different tools to write their sermons, from Microsoft Word, a simple text editor, word processors built into Bible software or something like Scrivener. Wes Allen, one of the Theotek Podcast contributors and American Baptist Church pastor, uses Scrivener to prepare his sermons. We talked about his workflow and why he uses the program in a recent Theotek Podcast that we recorded live on our Theotek Podcast Facebook page. Scrivener is a word processor. That’s the simple way to describe it, but there’s more to it than that. Some people think of the program as a tool for writing […]


Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep Part Two: Choosing a Text to Preach

Many preachers prefer to preach a topic found in multiple texts that the preacher expounds during a single sermon. I prefer to look for a single Bible text and that one text will dominate the sermon. In this second part of our series on Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep, we’ll look at how the program can help the preacher choose a text to preach an expository sermon. The first part focused on using Logos to find a good sermon subject, for Topical Preaching or Topical Textual Preaching.This method of preaching will dominate the rest of our sermon prep series. UPDATED: […]

Sermon Prep Part 5: Theotek Podcast #069

We’re in the home stretch in our series on writing your sermons and Bible studies using digital tools like Bible study software or online Bible sites. This episode covers tips and trips for actually writing the sermon outline or manuscript. How can digital BIble study tools help in forming your notes and outline? Some of this can be done on an iPad. The new iPad Pro plus the Microsoft Word iPad app makes it easier than ever. See below.

Sermon Prep Part 3: Theotek Podcast

In part 3 of the Sermon Prep series on Theotek, we covered digital reference books. Each member of the team recommends our favorite tools like Bible dictionaries, lexicons, and more. For review we covered the first steps of sermon prep in part one of our series. Then in We started out with English Bible dictionaries. Here’s a list of what we recommended. Anchor Bible Dictionary IVP Bible Dictionary Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary Biblical Archaeology Review Hermeneia Bible Illustration from Holman Accordance Photo Guide Wikipedia CCEL Harper’s Bible Dictionary Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs Here’s a couple of Bible Background sources we […]

Sermon Prep Part Two: Theotek Podcast #066

It’s part two of our sermon prep series using Bible software to help us write a message. This week just Rick Mansfield and I tackle a little used tool – the passage outline. We show how to do so in a few BIble software packages and talk about doing it in the Notes tool of any program. We looked at the outlining features of both Accordance Bible Software and Logos. You can also do one of these in the notes tool of any Bible software that includes one. Just copy and past the text into the note and use the […]

Digital Sermon Prep Part 1: Theotek Podcast #065

We started a series in this week’s Theotek Podcast on doing digital sermon prep. Our team will take you through our steps of sermon prep using Bible software and digital tools. In this first step we focused on choosing a passage. Software packages come with tools to help you figure out what verses to include in your passage, or as the scholars call it, pericope. Then we look at other aspects of sermon prep. Watch the video below or listen to the audio version at the end of this post. We didn’t have any recommendations in Our Favorite Things this […]

Online Bible Study: Theotek Podcast #055

Can you prepare your sermons using online Bible study sites? We try to answer that question and give a few recommendations if you choose to give it a try. At the end of the podcast we also give a few recommendations in our new segment, “Our Favorite Things”. We only had three of our team members in this podcast. Rick Mansfield works with Accordance Bible Software and didn’t think that online Bible study sites were good enough to do full sermon prep yet. Users often don’t have access to the Internet or they don’t have a reliable connection. Most of […]

Sermon Prep on iPad Pro Only

Now that I’ve used my iPad Pro for a couple of years, people ask me if it’s really a good tool for writing sermons and doing digital Bible study. The answer is and resounding, “Sort of!” The iPad Pro works great for people with simple needs and some complex needs depending on your chosen Bible study software and app. iOS Bible study apps reached a maturity level in recent iterations with great original language tools, awesome library organization and decent layouts. No Bible study app provider takes the Apple Pencil seriously with my dream of writing in the margins or […]

Finding Sermon Illustration Content on Theotek Podcast #054

Looking for a good sermon illustration your next sermon idea? We talk about our process and then recommend some sources for explaining, proving and showing what application of our messages looks like. In the old days our preaching professors taught us how to manage a sermon illustration database. We had file cabinets or notebooks or file folders with clippings from the paper or photo copies of books we read. Then people started putting these on their computers with software like the program sold by the original makers of QuickVerse Bible Software. Bible Illustrator linked some databases of illustrations to the Bible text from QuickVerse […]