christ centered exposition commentary

Christ Centered Exposition Commentary for Accordance Review

The Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary went on sale at Accordance recently and they gave me a chance to review it for you. How does this series help pastors and Bible students study the word? We’ll let you know and show how to use it inside the Bible study suite. What is the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary? Most commentaries come in one of a few categories depending on who will use them. Imagine a spectrum from right to left. Furthest to the left you’d find the most scholarly and technical commentaries that likely make use of original languages and focus a lot on […]

what if i dont desire to pray john onwuchekwa

What If I Don’t Desire to Pray – a Book Review

We all know the importance of a healthy prayer relationship with God. Unfortunately, too many believers struggle to maintain one because it feels like a chore, a duty that we must check off on a list of things to do to make God happy. John Onwuchekwa, the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, tries to encourage believers, in his short book What If I Don’t Desire to Pray, who feel this way by suggesting we find a new attitude about prayer. Crossway ($4.99) gave me a digital copy to review. I fired it up on my eBook reader and devoured […]

google pixelbook review

Google Pixelbook Review

4nv Paying $999 for a Chromebook, and $1,098 when you add the Google Pixelbook Pen, seems like a ridiculous extravagance for many of the mainstream tech site reviewers. I’ve seen reviewers say it was… a “hard sell” for anyone who’s not already a Chrome OS user – TechCrunch made for “well-heeled Android and chromebook fans” (yes they forgot to capitalize Chromebook) – PC Mag only for the “die-hard Chrome OS fan” who looks for “the very best Chromebook available” – Digital Trends Let me say at the outset that I think these reviews all came from people who don’t fully understand […]