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Using Scrivener to Write Sermons

Preachers use different tools to write their sermons, from Microsoft Word, a simple text editor, word processors built into Bible software or something like Scrivener. Wes Allen, one of the Theotek Podcast contributors and American Baptist Church pastor, uses Scrivener to prepare his sermons. We talked about his workflow and why he uses the program…

By Kevin 2018-03-21 1

Logos Hears Outcry & Reneges on Shelving Logos Now, Mostly

And a great outcry was heard from the Logos forums as the masses wailed and moaned the loss of Logos Now and Faithlife Connect replacing it. Then, their outcry was heard from Bellingham and grace was issued to all. A biblical writer might write the account of Logos Now that way, if we lived in…

By Kevin 2018-03-03 4

Bible Updates and Facebook Live: Theotek Podcast #104

Learn about Bible updates and the future of the Theotek Podcast in this week’s show. In my previous post, I shared that we’re changing our official home of the Theotek Podcast to Facebook Live. This is the first episode that we recorded using Ecamm Live over Facebook Live instead of using Google Hangouts and YouTube…

By Kevin 2018-01-15 0