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Theotek podcast: a weekly podcast covering church technology.

Theotek Podcast #020: A Lot of Nice Toys Here

If you didn’t think we were a bunch of gadget freaks and geeks, you would after this week’s Theotek Podcast #020:Gosh, You’ve Really Got Some Nice Toys Here (Blade Runner reference intended). Each of team members talks about the tools, toys and gadgets they use in their lives a church and Bible tech geeks. Here’s the list…

By Kevin 2015-04-21 0

Theotek Podcast #017: Presenting Like a Pro

Paul Alan Clifford, or just Paul to his friends, is a church tech guru. He specializes in ProPresenter and social media. Paul shares tons of great church tech related content on his website, YouTube channel and social media connections. He joined us on the Theotek Podcast to talk about ProPresenter, a worship presentation tool that…

By Kevin 2015-03-27 0

Theotek Podcast #014 – Blue Dress is White [Video]

Have you seen the blue/white dress phenomena that grabbed the Internet by storm last week? We don’t discuss that on our podcast (listen above), except for a moment at the beginning. Instead, on this week’s Theotek Podcast, we talk about a few interesting topics including the following (after the video below) Visual Sermon Notes – a…

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