Blueridge Christian News Articles

I began writing for a local Christian publication called Blueridge Christian News. This local paper serves the Christian community in the Burke County area and the wider area. I’ve focused on my area of expertise, Bible software and apps. However, I just submitted a study of 1 Corinthians 10:13 asking “Why doesn’t God bless me?” You can find my articles there, when they also post them on their website. If you live in this area, pick one up and many of the businesses and of course most churches distribute the paper as well.

Christian Computing Magazine May 2015 Edition

Christian Computing Magazine Acquired by Outreach

I got an interesting email last night from my editor Kevin Cross of Christian Computing Magazine. He told me that Outreach Magazine acquired us. If you’re not familiar with Outreach Magazine, they focus on publishing a magazine and website with ideas and products that try to give churches means to reach their community for Jesus Christ. I’ve read it in the past, but not in a little while. Here’s what Steve Hewitt said in this month’s editorial announcing the acquisition. What does it mean for the future of CCMag? First of all, Kevin Cross will continue to be the Managing […]

5 Power Tips for Bible Study Note Taking

Writing in the margins of your Bible makes it your own. We can’t do that digitally, but we can attach notes to the Bible and they are more powerful than the traditional kind scribbled the white space of your Bible. This month’s Christian Computing Magazine article offers 5 tips I’ve gleaned over the years of using Bible study software. Read the article and let me know what tips you’ve got in addition to my five.