What do you want for Christmas? We put that question to our Theotek team and this week’s podcast is the result. We also shared what tech gifts we would like to get and give each other, the past year we used to stick to the plantwear accessories for gifts but this year we want to change things a little. I’ve given some horrible gifts (like a kit of activated charcoal to whiten teeth – obviously not realizing how bad they were at the time). Throw in some lower priced stocking stuffers and we get an awesome collection of great tech gifts.

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Here’s our list of gifts.

Tech Gifts We Hope to Get

red apple watch band tech gifts
Rick wants a red band for his Apple Watch

We started by suggesting some gifts we hope to get this Christmas. Rick wants a new red Apple Watch band. He’s also hoping for a dock for his iPhone and Apple Watch to clear up charging clutter on the night stand.

raspberry pi kit tech gifts
Use this Raspberry Pi kit to set up a media server, which Wes wants to do.

Wes Allen is our resident maker kind of guy which is why he wants a Raspberry Pi kit that he can turn into a media server. It’s a tiny computer that runs a Linux distribution and lets people do all kinds of cool projects, from a media server, like Wes plans to make, to a in-car media player.

pixel c android tablet

I chose the new Pixel C Android tablet. The guys said it’s a mistake since the reviews aren’t great, but it still looks like a great high-end Android 6.0 tablet with some nice hardware design. If curiosity is killing you, Read more on progamerreview.com.

tesla model s
Here’s a low-cost item to get for each of your loved ones. A $75,000 Tesla Model S.

Antoine went all out for his gift choice. He wants a tiny little gift, the Tesla Model S. It’s only $75,000.

Tech Gifts: Stocking Stuffers

The Apple Pencil Magnet sleeve is a good tech gift for iPad Pro users.

Our second round of gifts includes stocking stuffers. Rick suggested the Apple Pencil Magnet Sleeve, which the person puts on the Apple Pencil and it doesn’t add much bulk to the svelte Apple Pencil while adding a magnet to attach to the iPad Pro.

tronphy mini s530 bluetooth headset
Antoine suggests a tiny Tronfy Mini S530 Bluetooth headset for someone’s stocking.

Antoine brought up this Wi-Fi Bible again. He’s also interested in the Tronfy Mini S530 Bluetooth headset. It’s a tiny Bluetooth headset that fits in your ear and lasts up to 4 hours of talk time or 3.5 hours of listening time. It’s got nice carrying case and only costs $15-$18 depending on the color you choose (black, white, caucasian flesh, pink).

My stocking stuffer choice comes from Google again. The Chromecast and Chromecast Audio cost $35 each regularly, but you can find it on sale for $30. Plus Google’s giving people $20 store credit to buy media to stream to the Chromecast hooked up to a TV or stereo system.

Tech Gifts for Each Other

Antoine’s strange gift choice for me was a Paris Hilton style closet, but not for shoes. Instead, he said I need a close for all of my tech gadgets. Probably so, but really Antoine?

paris hilton closet
Antoine chose a Paris Hilton style closet for all my tech gadgets.

I picked a gift for Rick. He’s an Apple user and so I chose the Apple TV 4th generation. It’s a great set-top box for streaming movies, TV shows, and music from iTunes.

apple tv 4th gen
The Apple TV 4th gen adds third-party app support a Siri searching.

It’s also got Netflix, Hulu and other premium streaming services. Finally Apple added third-party app support. It’s one of the best entertainment boxes but comes at a price. $150 for 32GB of storage and $200 for 64GB. The voice search powered by Siri is awesome for finding videos and music in iTunes, but it doesn’t work on third-party apps.

Rick decided to gift an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to Antoine, since he’s such a gifted artist. Antoine, better than any of our Theotek team members, could make use of the Pencil on the iPad Pro.




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