Listen to a bunch of old farts talk about Bible software then and now. We take a trip down memory lane and share what we used first in Bible software. We also talk a little about the best improvements that we enjoy.

Listen below or watch above to enjoy.

pencil by fiftythree

Our Favorite Things for this week: LaRosa Johnson mentioned one of our favorites, the Pencil by Fiftythree, which looks and works a lot like an art pencil.

onetouch verio sync blood glucose monitor for iphone

Rick, a Type 2 Diabetic, got the OneTouch Verio Sync glucose meter. It connects to an iPhone so you can track your blood sugar levels with your iPhone.

4 thoughts on “How Bible Software’s Improved: Theotek Podcast #058

  1. Kevin,

    I used PC Study Bible by BIBLESOFT for years when I was a PC user. It was great for what I needed. Several years ago I switched to the Mac platform and have not used any Bible software since. I checked out Accordance and Logos’ webistes; however, to get the equivalent in the references I had with PC Study Bible it was much more expensive. Recently, BIBLESOFT has developed the MAC Study Bible.

    Do you have any familiarity with this program? Is it a native Mac Application?

    1. I wish I did. They would not cooperate with me on a review and I can’t always afford to buy software especially if I’m not likely to continue using it. I wish I could be of more help.

    2. Mark, did you know Accordance has a Switcher discount? If you have invested at least $199 in another Bible software platform, we will give you a significant discount on your first order. Normally, that’s 20% off an entire order, but through March 31, it’s 30%. That’s as much as you want to throw in the order–any Accordance Collection and as many titles as you want to add on. We don’t make you prove you owned software in another platform–we’ll just take your word on it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or go to http://www.accordancebible.com/Switchers for more information.

    3. I would NOT recommend Biblesoft any more. The program does not work properly, they are not willing to fix it. They do not deliver what they promise. It took me many months to just recieve what I paid hundreds of dollars for. I still do NOT get the books in my agreement. And their customer service is rude, condescending and threatening. STAY AWAY

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