How to Become an Expert Bible Software User: Theotek Podcast #043

Do you want to become an expert in your favorite Bible software program? We’ll give you suggestions on how to do that ranging from tutorials, help files and training sessions.

I just returned from a WORDseach Bible training conference a few days before this podcast. So it got me thinking, how can people become experts?


The best options for training includes:

  • Use the help files or menu item that comes in the program
  • Go to the company’s website to find tutorials, tips and training tools
  • Attend a training conference like I did with WORDsearch
  • Get help from friends
  • Use the software and familiarize yourself with the user-interface

logos desktop support training site

Those are just a few suggestions. Rick Mansfield, our team member and part of Accordance Bible Software, wrote a helpful blog post at the company’s website.

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