Do you want to become an expert in your favorite Bible software program? We’ll give you suggestions on how to do that ranging from tutorials, help files and training sessions.

I just returned from a WORDseach Bible training conference a few days before this podcast. So it got me thinking, how can people become experts?


The best options for training includes:

  • Use the help files or menu item that comes in the program
  • Go to the company’s website to find tutorials, tips and training tools
  • Attend a training conference like I did with WORDsearch
  • Get help from friends
  • Use the software and familiarize yourself with the user-interface

logos desktop support training site

Those are just a few suggestions. Rick Mansfield, our team member and part of Accordance Bible Software, wrote a helpful blog post at the company’s website.

By Kevin

I'm the Director of Missions for Brushy Mountain Baptist Association in Wilkes County, North Carolina. I've served a a pastor for 30 years and I write about the church and sometimes technology at my personal website.

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