Did you know you can open a Logos Passage Guide inside Accordance using the Accordance Amplify to Website? We'll show you how.

Accordance Bible Software will let you use their Accordance Amplify to Website feature to open other websites while using Accordance to research Bible studies. With these features, people with books in Logos Bible Software who have access to their Web App will let you access your library inside Accordance. First, we’ll show you how to set this up and then how to use it.

Use ‘Accordance Amplify to Website’ to Open Logos Guides

Accordance includes two awesome features that make it possible to open a Logos Passage Guide from inside Accordance. The Accordance Amplify to Website feature will help you. Here’s how to add Logos to the menu in Accordance.

To add Logos, you’ll have to add a few things to Accordance. I found out about this in the Accordance forums, which are a great option for learning how to use Accordance features and asking for help in using the software.

Select your text and right-click and choose Website and the Logos Passage Guide after adding the feature using directions written below.

Open Accordance Preferences from the Accordance menu item in the upper left or by using the keystroke CMD+,. Next, click on the External Websites item on the left side of the Preferences window. Thanks to Accordance user Paul Meiklejohn for these steps.

Click on External Websites in Accordance Preferences to add new options to the Amplify to Website feature.
Then choose the New button to add a new link.

Click on New at the bottom of that box. A new box pops up where you can add your website links so you can use the Accordance Amplify to Website feature to open the Logos Web App.

The new link box pops up when you click on New in the External Websites part of Accordance Preferences.

Now use the links you’ll find from the Accordance Forums. Here are a few that I added for Logos.

  • Passage Guide: https://app.logos.com/guides/passage?layout=reading&reference=***
  • Word Study Guide: https://app.logos.com/guides/word?layout=reading&reference=***
  • Exegetical Guide: https://app.logos.com/guides/exegetical?layout=reading&reference=***
  • Search Logos: https://app.logos.com/search?layout=reading&q=***&resources=yourBible&tile=right

The above came from Accordance user jarcher who posted them in the forums.

Some other links you’ll find there include:

  • Blue Letter Bible: https://www.blueletterbible.org/search/preSearch.cfm?criteria=*** (from user dandennison)
  • Bible Gateway: https://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=***&qs_version=NET.(from user Drewster; change the last three letters to your chosen translation, like NIV or CSB)

Use Accordance Web Browser to Open Logos Webapp

Now that we’ve added the sites to Logos and other sites, how do we use these? Open a Bible in Accordance and select the verse along the left. Then right-click the verse, and a large pop-up menu appears. Next, click on the Website in that menu. Choose your new item added in the step above.

To use your new Accordance Amplify to Website feature follow the example above.

For example, in the animate GIF above, I selected Hebrews 2:1 and then opened a Passage Guide in the Logos Web App.

Have you created any Accordance Amplify to Website links that aren’t listed above? Then, comment below with your chosen link and let us know how to use it in Accordance.

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  1. Is there a way to do this for Galaxie.com Theological Journal Library?

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