Last fall Faithlife, formerly Logos Bible Software, not only changed their corporate name but released a huge update to Logos 6. Now they’ve fixed some bugs and added a few minor features bringing the latest release to Logos 6.1. With this release, customers can now update to the version six display engine for free.

logos 6.1 update

What’s New in Logos 6.1 Update

The upgrade from 5 to 6 brought a ton of new features. (see the video below for a demo of new features in Logos 6) However, the Logos 6.1 update brings just a few. Here’s what’s new in this Logos 6.1 Update.

As always, users can get help from the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key. However, there’s now a library resource called Logos Help. Click here to open Logos to the Logos Help resource.

Logos 6.1 Update help
Either open the Library and find the Logos Help resource or click the Help button on the right end of the toolbar to open Help in Logos 6.1.

So why did they create the Logos Help book? This makes it easy to update with a resource update instead of a whole program update. It also lets the user search for content in the book. They can use the new Inline Search that the company introduced in the version six update. Inline Search means a user doesn’t have to open a Search pane to search inside an open book.

Logos promises to update the Logos Help book with “more comprehensive information, at a later date.”

Second, users can print more than 100 pages of a Personal Book. Personal Books are custom-made resources that the user can add to their Logos library.

personal books in logos 6.1 update
Users can now print more than 100 pages of a Logos 6.1 Personal Book.

Go to the Files section of the Logos forums and find a ton of Personal Books that other users created. To learn more about creating Personal Books, check out the Logos Wiki which explains the process of making your own Personal Books for use in Logos.

As an aside, there’s a great resource from Logos user and expert Mark Barnes called the Dictionary of Christianity and the Bible. Go get it and build a Personal Book. I wouldn’t recommend printing it, however. Mark estimates that a printed version would take up 19 volumes of 1,000 pages each.

The update also fixed a problem with an error when trying to remove Personal Books.

Here’s a few of the other cool new updates in this Logos 6.1 update:

  • Performance fixes and improvements
  • Reduced the “preparing your library” time on startup
  • Loads a Basic Search faster
  • Autocomplete feature in Search works faster
  • Fixed some problems displaying Hebrew text

 How to Get Logos 6 Core Engine for Free

Until now updating to Logos 6 from earlier versions cost a pretty penny. However, users who don’t care about all the new data sets can get just the Logos 6 Core Engine for free. Download it from the Logos download site and install it.

logos 6 crossgrade packages

Downloading this Logos 6 Core Engine will give users some menus with links to books that you won’t own. In other words, the core engine shows many of the new features, but doesn’t include most of them. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a Logos 6 Base Package upgrade. You don’t have to buy the same package that you own. For example, you may own the Gold package of Logos 5. You don’t have to buy the Logos 6 Gold Package. You can get just the Logos 6 Crossgrade. It’s still expensive, but for most users it’s worth the cost. Pay monthly if paying all at once isn’t possible.

5 thoughts on “Logos 6.1 Update Now Available and Free Download

  1. Kevin, I have purchased four packages for four seperate users in our organization. However, I want to preinstall Logos before I create the master image for our PC’s. Then depending on what user logs into each PC, they will login to Logos and get their specific package. Where can I find the download installation for this purpose?

  2. Ya, unfortunately that’s not a full binary download. It’s only a small executable for a streaming download once you login. You used to be able to preinstall the program and then the library would download based on your login. Thanks though…

  3. I bought your program and also some library books. My computer crashed and I dont know how to install the program on my new computer. I also want to upgrade, because my Logos program is very old. Can you assist me please.

    1. I am not affiliated with Logos other than the fact that I’m a user who reviewed the program. You’ll need to go to Logos.com and get support from them.

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