Logos 9 upgrade came out and you can get 15% off using my affiliate link, but should you? We’ll give you a recommendation here.

Logos 9 dropped October 26 with some updates to the program. A lot of you will upgrade and you can get Logos 9 for 15% off using this link.

Upgrade to Logos 9 for 15% off.

For full disclosure, Logos gives me a commission if you use this link. I don’t normally use affiliate links, but I’m placing this here so you can save some money by buying the upgrade using that link. If you do it helps me out too.

I wrote an article at Church Tech Today about what are the most important updates to the program. To learn more for yourself before that post comes out, head over to the Logos 9 page at the company’s website.

Logos 9: Top 5 New Features

The best new features included in the Logos 9 upgrade includes the following top 5 new features…

  • Factbook Upgrade – click a word in your text with the Factbook feature turned using a toolbar button and it opens the Factbook to that subject.
  • Sermon Builder – an upgrade sermon planning feature that takes passages from your favorite lectionary and populates a calendar that you can display in list mode or a kind of pie graph.
  • Commentaries in Guides – users can now sort commentaries section in the Passage Guide by different ways including the author’s denomination.
  • Dark Mode – I’m not a fan of dark mode, but people love it, so it’s here in Logos 9.
  • Images in Notes – you can now add images to your notes.

That’s not a complete list, but it shows what most people will find interesting.

I will upgrade because I am that guy who always wants the latest greatest of the programs I use. If there’s an update to Windows, macOS, MS Office, I’ve used it in Beta for the last few months to help write my article for Church Tech Today.

Logos upgrades every couple of years. If you’re a Logos fan you’ll likely want to get the upgrade. For Wordsearch users who came over when Logos bought it, you may want to wait till you get used to using Logos 8 to make sure you’re a good candidate for the update

Logos 9 Free Engine Upgrade

The free Logos 9 software without all the new bells and whistles will likely show up in 2021. It comes with nothing but the basic program update. However, you can’t get it this year. So, if you’re patient and don’t think you really see anything that interesting in the new features list, then hold off till next year.

2 thoughts on “Logos 9 Upgrade is Here: Get a Discount Here

  1. Ha ha, that was clear. After Faithlife bought WordSearch they release the next iteration of Logos as soon as possible. So the new sheep which comes from WordSearch has to buy Logos now and bring back some money Faithlife has lost due the purchase of WordSearch.

    BTW I was not impressed with the new things in Logos 8 has released as I am what they announced with Logos 9.

    1. While I’m sure the timing with the announcement of Wordsearch buyout was strategic, no new customers coming from WS have to upgrade. They can also still use WS for a little while. And Logos already said they plan to release a free update sometime next year. I’d guess about 4-6 months after this update. I’m sure you know all this. Just posting it for others who might read this article and not know it.

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