Logos user James Chaisson made a great video that shows off Logos Bible Software through the years. I share it here for your enjoyment.

I didn’t make this video of the evolution of Logos Bible Software through the years, but I wish I had. James Chaisson made it and he did a greet job. It’s fun to see the way a complex and powerful program like Logos evolved from the first version all the way up to Logos 10, which just launched last month.

My History with Logos Bible Software Through the Years

As you’ll see in this video the software advanced beyond the primitive origins. It was the third version that I first bought at a Sam’s Club in Wilmington, NC a long time ago. The ability to enter a passage and find all the books in the library amazed me. I quickly started added books with an academic discount for seminary students while I worked on my Doctorate at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in the early 2000s. This add a huge library for $500. I felt like I was mortgaging my future, but I’ve since added a tone of other great content.

Make sure to go to James’ YouTube channel and subscribe. He has some great Logos content.

Jumping on the Logos 10 Bandwagon

what's new in logos 10

Also, if you want to join the Logos family, consider using my affiliate link to buy a package for Logos 10. You can also get 5 free books and the same 15 or 30 percent discount on packages depending on whether you’re a current or new customers.

What makes Logos worth your time? First, it’s the powerful feature set including som anew features that we outline in our last post along with a video which you can see below.

Another reason to go with Logos is the huge library of content available. They make sure to present books in a high quality format and their book formatters respond to your error reports.

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