Millennials and Tech: Theotek Podcast #060

On this week’s Theotek Podcast we talked with David Timms, a professor at William Jessup University in Northern California. He wrote an article about millennial and tech, linked below for you to read. Give it a look and then watch the podcast or listen to it below.

3 Technology Truths About Christian Millennials

Here’s the video podcast of our Google Hangout from YouTube. Please watch it here but also consider subscribing to our Theotek YouTube Channel.

At the end of the podcast we only had time for one “Our Favorite Things” recommendation. Antoine got an iPad Pro. We look forward to hearing more about his experiences with it next week.

We mentioned a listener named Rob Perry from Lifepointe Church┬áin North Raleigh, NC who wrote to us about using Bible software on a Chromebook. He found a way to install Bibleworks and WORDsearch using emulation and Crouton, a tool used to install Linux on a Chromebook. Here’s a link that he included in his email to show how he went about doing this. It’s an Evernote link, so you may need a free Evernote account to view it.



Dr. Kevin Purcell is pastor of High Peak Baptist Church, an author and writer at Christian Computing Magazine, GottaBeMobile.com and Notebooks.com. He also runs the Theotek Podcast found at www.Theotek.com

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