Does Pokémon Go matter to the church? It can and in some places should, but not in the traditional way that churches get all commercial with the latest crazes.

Pokémon Go is the latest rage and everyone’s using it as link bait to draw traffic to their sites, so we decided to join in the fun. Actually we talked about the craze, describing what it is and the basics of how to play. An expert joined us this week – my 18 year-old son Daniel, a Pokémon Go player.

How One Pastor Showed Love to Pokémon Go Players

As part of our podcast Wes Allen talked about how he started sitting outside his church in the Philadelphia area during the hot afternoons to pass out water to the Pokémon Go players that came by his church, a PokeStop.

Pokémon Go

If you want to read more about this phenomena, then head over to the site I write for – GottaBeMobile. They ‘re covering the craze with some interesting articles.

Our Favorite Things

brother ads1500w scanner

We shared our favorite things again. Mine was the Brother ADS-1500W scanner. I’m scanning things like workbooks or paperbacks I don’t care about cutting the binders off of. I also have reduced office clutter by scanning receipts and billing statements. Rick Mansfield does this with a Fujitsu scanner.

A couple of our hosts, LaRosa Johnson and Wes Allen, picked Scrivener’s new iPad app. It’s a serious app for authors who like to write long form documents like books. Although, Wes bragged about posting to his blog with the app.

Rick just got back from his world wind tour of Asia where he did some Accordance Bible Software training and took a lot of photos. We followed them as he posted them from the different countries. He used the same Canon camera he boasted getting before he left.

nfc ring

Antoine likes his new NFC Ring, a ring that you wear like any other. However, this ring has an NFC chip built into it. You can program it to unlock a tablet or smart phone, unlock doors if you have the right kind of door locks, transfer information like business card details and more.

Finally, Wes and I recommended Adobe Lightroom for iPad. It’s a photo organizer and editor that works along with the Adobe Creative Cloud of applications. Import your photos and create collections. They sync to the cloud where you can then get them using the desktop version of Lightroom. You can also access them in an online version. It’s free, but to get the most use out of it, get a Creative Cloud subscription starting as low as $10/month or $100/year.

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