Accordance Masters: Theotek Podcast #037

Accordance users or beginning Accordance users will love this edition of the Theotek Podcast – Master Accordance 11: Theotek Podcast #037. This came because my Ministry Tech Magazine article of a similar name came out this past week. Check out the article and read it while watching the YouTube video below. We also have a couple of bonus tips mixed into the podcast. You can get a free subscription to Ministry Tech Magazine by signing up at This used to be Christian Computing Magazine. At the top of the podcast I shared my first impressions review of the Samsung […]

accordance virtual bible

Theotek Podcast #030: Herodian Drone

Accordance Bible Software just released a cool new resource that looks like a drone flew over Israel during ancient times and gives users an aerial view. It also shows some 3D constructions of things like Herod’s temple. We got an exclusive first look on the Theotek Podcast. I was away┬áin a hotel and had to drop out early, which ended up kicking the show off the air about 30 minutes after we started, so this is a shorter episode. For those interested in getting Virtual Bible for Accordance, head over to Accordance Bible Software and buy it now for $29.90 […]