Is Bible Software Getting Too Complicated

No matter what software program I bet there are features you never used, seldom use or don’t even know exist. My dad owned an old ‘72 Oldsmobile and he worked on it a lot, mostly because it was a piece of junk. But he could work on it. Now, you need an engineering degree to work on an Oldsmobile or almost any car. You can do a few simple things like change tires, batteries and plugs. But the real work needs a computer system and a specialist with training most of us don’t possess. Bible software feels like that today. […]

Bible software and apps for simple and power users

Print or Digital Bible App: Which One Is Best?

What kind of Bible should you use? Some believe the traditional print Bible has special value over digital Bibles. While others prefer to use a digital Bible a lot, most or even all the time. I have to admit I fall in the second group and only use my print Bibles on occasion. Strengths of Print over Digital Bible Apps Recently Trevin Wax wrote a post for The Gospel Coalition entitled When the Bible Becomes an App. In it he argued for a number of reasons why people should still use a traditional physical print Bible, like the ones Wax’s […]

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Accordance Mobile Bible App Goes Android

The Accordance Mobile Bible app for Android hit version 1.0 and it’s available to download now and side load on your Android device. You can watch our latest Theotek Podcast where Mark Allison and Rick Mansfield showed off the app. Go over to our new Facebook Page and hit Like and you’ll get updated each time we go live with a new podcast. Watch it below on Facebook or on YouTube under that. Here is the YouTube vide. Hit subscribe to get new videos after we record them live on Facebook. You can download the app and side load it […]

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5 Best iPad Bible Study Apps

The iPad assists mobile Bible study thanks to a lot of iPad Bible Study apps. But which one should you use? How good are they and what can a person do with them. Let’s look at the best iPad Bible Study apps to help preachers, teachers and Christians study the Bible. iPad Bible Study Must Haves… Recently we differentiated between mobile Bible Study apps and Devotional or Bible reading apps.  Please see that post to understand the difference. The apps below fit in the more advanced Bible Study Apps sector. Users can use them for Bible reading and devotional Bible […]

Bible Study Apps Versus Devotional Apps

With all the Bible study apps available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, it’s easy to get confused about which app a person should use. I’ll post a few recommendations over the next few weeks, but today I want to discuss a fundamental question. What do you plan to do with the app? People use their Bible study apps in different ways. How do you plan to use your Bible study app? Will you merely read the Bible, track your reading with a reading plan that the app provides or do you want to create your own personalized Bible reading […]

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Bible Mark Up App Presents Bible: Theotek Podcast #063

I’m always looking for some cool ways to present God’s word in my preaching and teaching ministry like the app Bible Mark Up. When I started watching John Piper’s Look at the Book video series on YouTube, I loved the simple and elegant black background with white Bible text that he uses in these videos. He draws on the text and screen using colorful marking pens. I investigated and discovered that Piper’s using something that inspired the developer of the app Bible Mark Up. The developer liked the videos and wanted a mobile version and so he created Bible Mark Up for Android […]

Accordance Mobile 2.3 Update: Theotek Podcast #056

What’s new in Accordance Mobile 2.3 for iOS? Rick Mansfield from Accordance Bible Software shows off the new features in this big update. But first we offer Our Favorite Things – recommendations from each member of our Theotek team. We advertised this episode as Rick Mansfield’s showing off the new Accordance Mobile 2.3 update with all the new features. He had some difficulties due to instability on Google’s part. We took a look at Down Detector and they said Google was experiencing issues. What’s New in Accordance Mobile 2.3 Here’s some of the great new features available in Accordance Mobile 2.3. […]