Bible software and apps for simple and power users

Bible Software Choice: Power House or Simple Software

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People with simple Bible study needs often pick the simple Bible programs and apps. They are easy to learn and cost less if anything. But will the app or program grow with the user? Can a powerhouse program help people with simple needs study the Bible as well as a the simple apps? We’ll take a look and answer those questions. Three Kinds of Bible Software Users Bible software or Bible app users fall into one of three categories usually. Bible Reader – average believer who plans to read the Bible on their phone or tablet and maybe a computer. […]

Bible Study Apps Versus Devotional Apps

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With all the Bible study apps available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, it’s easy to get confused about which app a person should use. I’ll post a few recommendations over the next few weeks, but today I want to discuss a fundamental question. What do you plan to do with the app? People use their Bible study apps in different ways. How do you plan to use your Bible study app? Will you merely read the Bible, track your reading with a reading plan that the app provides or do you want to create your own personalized Bible reading […]

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Preaching With an iPad Pro: Theotek Podcast #046

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What is the new Apple iPad Pro like for studying the Bible, preaching or teaching? Rick Mansfield (@thislamp and got one this week and we asked him a lot of questions about using it. Watch or listen below to hear his thoughts. Just a summary of Rick’s conclusions. First, he likes the side-by-side feature so that he can hold his Accordance Bible app next to Microsoft Word. This will help with both Bible study and preaching. The Keynote app and Word can sit on-screen at the same time. He uses the notes feature in Keynote, but after the podcast […]