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Drone Tricks: 6 Ways to Use a Drone Like the DJI Mini 2 for Church and Ministry

I bought the DJI Mini 2 drone for church ministry and fun. At the same time, I love flying it for fun because it’s a simple to use drone that doesn’t break your bank and is easy to fly. However, it’s also a great tool for church ministry. So, I rounded up 6 Awesome ways to use the DJI Mini 2 for church and ministry. These will work with almost any drone like the DJI Mavic Air 2, the Skydio 2, or any other drone. DJI Mini 2 Drone Overview DJI promotes the Mini 2 as a light drone that […]

Laridian PocketBible for Mac 1.3 Update Released

Laridian PocketBible for Mac version 1.3 hit this week with a few new features for users of the deceptively simple yet powerful Bibles study tool. One notable feature includes support for Laridian’s latest Bibles that display text in a more useful way. This includes one example, mentioned in an email from Craig Rairdin, Laridian’s CEO and chief programmer. The NIV with Goodrick-Kohlenberger Numbers will not support Laridian PocketBible for Mac. How to Install Laridian PocketBible for Mac 1.3 Update To get this free update you only need to select Check for Updates in the Laridian PocketBible for Mac menu at […]

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How to Convert Books to Digital Books While Destroying Them

Do you own a stack of books or even a library full of print books that you’d love to read, but prefer to read digital books? Who wants to carry around a backpack full of books when you can carry one small device full of eBooks? You could just buy digital versions of these books on Kindle, Nook or in an eBook app or in your favorite Bible software, but that can get expensive. That’s why, in certain circumstances, scanning the book and saving them as a PDF gives readers the best option. Here are the steps to convert books […]

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How to Create and Publish an eBook: Theotek Podcast #093

Pastors and ministers can make use of their sermon series’ and bible studies by turning those into an eBook. They might have a devotional book they want to use to disciple their congregation or a small group. Whatever you want to put out there in digital written format you can do with an eBook. We discussed how to make an eBook in this podcast with special guest Kathy Mansfield, wife of our co-host Rick Mansfield and a talented children’s eBook publisher and author. In the podcast we referred to Kathy Mansfield’s author page on Amazon. Be sure to check it […]

5 Power Tips for Bible Study Note Taking

Writing in the margins of your Bible makes it your own. We can’t do that digitally, but we can attach notes to the Bible and they are more powerful than the traditional kind scribbled the white space of your Bible. This month’s Christian Computing Magazine article offers 5 tips I’ve gleaned over the years of using Bible study software. Read the article and let me know what tips you’ve got in addition to my five.