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Selvy PenScript iOS Keyboard Recognizes Handwrting

Remember the days of the Palm, when you could pull out a stylus and enter text by using a strange handwriting that would let you “type” with your handwriting. The Selvy PenScript iOS Keyboard feels succeeds the Palm Graffitti input method with a modern handwriting recogniztion that doesn’t force you to learn a new way to write. You just your own handwriting while entering text on your iPad or even an iPhone. iOS Replacement Keyboards If you’re not familiar with, them a replacement keyboard installs like an app from the Apple App Store. Download the app from the store and […]

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iPhone Xs Not Enough to Get My Cash

Apple announced some new phones on September 12 with the Apple iPhone Xs. They also shared their new super iPhone, the iPhone Xs Max and a colorful iPhone Xr. None of these new devices inspired me to open up my wallet or reach for my credit card to pre-order this week. And I will likely skip this round altogether. iPhone Xs Not Revolutionary Enough for Me Last year the iPhone X came out and it looked kind of cool, except for the stupid notch. It still left out the headphone jack, which surprised no one. This time around we get […]

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Apple iPad Pro 9 Months Later: Theotek Podcast #075

Our crew talked about our experiences in the last 9 months using the iPad Pro for our Bible study, preaching, and general work/play. Then we looked at Our Favorite Things. We planned to talk about Scrivener, a great writing tool that a few of our team members use. However, we went long talking about the iPad, so we’ll save that discussion for next week. In the meantime, watch or listen below to our thoughts on using the iPad Pro. What’s it great for? How could Apple improve it? How does it compare to Surface Pro 4? How are we using […]

Google and Apple – Fight! Theotek Podcast #041

We discuss the new Google and Apple offerings after they announced their new hardware at their fall events. Apple released the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as well as iPad Pro, a new iPad that competes with the Surface Pro 3 or now the Surface Pro 4. Google announced their new goodies also, including a Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones. Learn more about them from our team in this week’s Theotek Podcast.

iPad Sermon Preperation: Tools Apps and Tips

Ever thought about doing a little iPad sermon prep? A lot of preachers carry around an iPad or some other tablet these days for checking email, surfing the web, playing games, streaming video or taking notes. Many of us also use them for simple Bible study on the go. However, can a preacher study and prepare an entire sermon or Bible study using no other device than an iPad? In other words, from start to finish, ignore their laptop or desktop computer and commit entirely to iPad sermon prep? If you’ve ever been tempted to retire the laptop and get out of the office, this […]

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5 Ways Accordance Mobile 2 is Vastly Improved

Accordance Bible Software released a new version of their mobile app awhile back. It includes a bunch of great new features that make it vastly improved over the earlier versions, which I never really used much due to the sub par quality. However, these new features entice me to open Accordance Mobile more than ever before. Here’s the 5 ways that Accordance Mobile 2 is vastly improved over the earlier version. Here’s Accordance’s own video highlighting the update. Quickly Link and Unlink Parallel Panes in Accordance Mobile It seems strange, but Accordance didn’t handle unlinking of window panes well until […]

How to Preach from an iPad or Tablet

It’s very tempting to stop wasting paper in favor of digital notes displayed on an Apple iPad or some other tablet, like a Nexus 9 Android tablet or the new Microsoft Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3. I’ll show you how to preach from an iPad or other tablet. This includes the setup of a simple and easy workflow for writing notes and then automatically transferring notes to the tablet to use for preaching or teaching from an iPad or other tablet. This will work differently depending on what software and hardware you use. However, I’m going to show you the simplest […]