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Logos Hears Outcry & Reneges on Shelving Logos Now, Mostly

And a great outcry was heard from the Logos forums as the masses wailed and moaned the loss of Logos Now and Faithlife Connect replacing it. Then, their outcry was heard from Bellingham and grace was issued to all. A biblical writer might write the account of Logos Now that way, if we lived in…

By Kevin 2018-03-03 4

Logos Now Subscription Monthly Service Launches for $8.99

Logos users expected Faithlife to go to a subscription model since they’ve talked about it for years. Bob Pritchett, CEO of Faithlife, took to the forums to announce Logos Now, their new monthly subscription based service that will give uses access to some content not available otherwise. This also includes a new Web App that’s…

By Kevin 2015-04-08 0