Logos Sermon Prep Part Five: Taking Notes for Observations and Questions

Logos Bible Software helps preachers and teachers prepare their messages thanks to some useful Logos sermon prep tools, but the Notes feature gets more use than any other feature besides offering a library of Bibles, books and reference books. I use Notes extensively for the following: Recording my thoughts about a text. Keeping rack of ideas for how to preach a passage. Record things learned in research of a text. Write down questions I need to research. I use a process called Inductive Bible Study in my Logos sermon prep, where the student reads the text and thinks about the […]


Logos Sermon Prep Part Four: Text Comparison Tool in Inductive Bible Study

The next step on Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep helps us actually learn what the passage we’ve selected means by reading it repeatedly using the Text Comparison Tool. We’re talking about Inductive Bible Study. What is Inductive Bible Study? The phrase Inductive Bible Study refers to studying the Bible hoping to discover the meaning of the text without any prejudices or preconceived notions brought to the task. Seminary students will remember studying the terms eisogesis and exegesis. We call Inductive Bible study exegesis in scholarly circles. It means studying the text and discovering the meaning based on the words, concepts, […]

Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep Part Three: Concordance Tool

We’ve already looked twice at the topic of choosing a text, but let me take a third swing at a tool that you should consider using for Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep. We’ll take a look at the Concordance Tool in this third part of the series. I began looking at┬ápicking topics and picking passages in parts one and two. Now, how can the Concordance Tool help us in choosing passages to preach or teach. Here’s the secret of this powerful tool… The Concordance Tool Video My video below shows the basics of the Concordance Tool in Logos 7.   […]


Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep Part Two: Choosing a Text to Preach

Many preachers prefer to preach a topic found in multiple texts that the preacher expounds during a single sermon. I prefer to look for a single Bible text and that one text will dominate the sermon. In this second part of our series on Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep, we’ll look at how the program can help the preacher choose a text to preach an expository sermon. The first part focused on using Logos to find a good sermon subject, for Topical Preaching or Topical Textual Preaching.This method of preaching will dominate the rest of our sermon prep series. UPDATED: […]


Logos Bible Software Sermon Prep Part One: Choosing a Topic to Preach

How do you use Logos Bible Software to find a good topic to preach or teach? In this first of two parts, we’ll look at how to find a passage or topic to preach and we’ll use Logos Bible Software to make that happen. This is the first step in preparing a sermon or Bible study using Logos Bible Software. Over next few weeks we’ll cover the major steps to preparing and preaching using Logos. Now, Logos Bible Software has a bunch of built-in tools that will help you use a topic to find a passage or multiple passages to […]