christ centered exposition commentary

Christ Centered Exposition Commentary for Accordance Review

The Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary went on sale at Accordance recently and they gave me a chance to review it for you. How does this series help pastors and Bible students study the word? We’ll let you know and show how to use it inside the Bible study suite. What is the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary? Most commentaries come in one of a few categories depending on who will use them. Imagine a spectrum from right to left. Furthest to the left you’d find the most scholarly and technical commentaries that likely make use of original languages and focus a lot on […]

NACS in Accordance Bible Software

NAC Studies in Bible & Theology for Accordance Review

The New American Commentary sits near the top of my list of favorite commentaries ever since I bought the physical books as they first came out in the early nineties. I bought them on subscription from Broadman & Holman as the publisher released each new volume. So when Accordance asked me to review the New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology, I jumped at the chance. The New American Commentary creators chose to expand on 11 important subjects in Biblical studies and theology. Readers should see them as addendum to the NAC series. What’s Included in the NAC Studies […]

john piper look at the book

Bible Mark Up App Presents Bible: Theotek Podcast #063

I’m always looking for some cool ways to present God’s word in my preaching and teaching ministry like the app Bible Mark Up. When I started watching John Piper’s Look at the Book video series on YouTube, I loved the simple and elegant black background with white Bible text that he uses in these videos. He draws on the text and screen using colorful marking pens. I investigated and discovered that Piper’s using something that inspired the developer of the app Bible Mark Up. The developer liked the videos and wanted a mobile version and so he created Bible Mark Up for Android […]