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Theotek Podcast Changes Coming

Over three years ago the Theotek Podcast got its start as a trio of tech lovers took the YouTube and recorded what we first called Theotek News. You can see that first episode below. At first LaRosa Johnson, Antoine Wright and I discussed Bible software and more. It was pretty rough. That was when I was still writing for Christian Computing Magazine, Antoine still had the Mobile Ministry Magazine and I was into Google+ big time. LaRosa announced the sale of Olive Tree to Harper Collins. What a blast from the past. Later we added Wes Allen and then Rick […]

Church Snow Day: Theotek Podcast #053

This past weekend many of the churches on the East Coast of the USA had a snow day which cancelled services due to the huge snow storm. But a few churches chose to offer an online alternative using streaming and online giving. Also many churches used unique tech options to notify their members of their service cancellations. We’ll talk about it in this weeks’ first Tuesday Night Theotek Podcast #053. The Theotek Team introduced a segment we call “Our Favorite Things”. We’ll recommend stuff at the end of the show. These include recommendations for gadgets, software, apps, services or entertainment. […]

CES 2016: Theotek Podcast #052

Last weekend the Consumer Electronics Show did their annual thing. At CES 2016 tech companies¬†show off the upcoming tech and get everyone excited. Of course too many of the products don’t show up ever and some end up being less than promised. Our Theotek Team will look at what they announced and share what excited us, especially as it relates to church and Bible technology. Theotek Podcast New Time on Tuesday at 9 PM ET Quick note. Next week we’re moving to a new time to do our live recording. Starting January 19 we will do the live show at […]

AirStream Line Your Worship: Theotek Podcast #051

We focus on worship tech in this week’s Theotek Podcast. John Linton, the product manager from Seraphim’s new AirStream worship software joined us and talked about the program. AirStream is a complete worship solution from creating your worship presentation and production to presenting it to saving it to your website. Users can also integrate the worship streaming into their site.¬†AirStream brings together worship planning, worship graphics creation, worship presentation and worship streaming all together into one solution. It’s not cheap, but for the large church it looks like a nice all-in-one solution. Watch the podcast above on YouTube or listen […]

A Thankful Tech Heart: Theotek Podcast #047

What technology are you thankful for this year. We did our favorite tech of the year using thanksgiving as our theme since we recorded the podcast the day after Thanksgiving. We welcomed my son Michael Purcell to the Theotek team for this week’s podcast. Follow him on Twitter @MichaelJ_Purcel. Here’s our list of our favorite tech for 2015 that we’re thankful for. Wes shared Google Translate, which takes voice input from someone and lets him easily translate it to English. He talks to the pastor of an ethnic congregation that’s now part of his church using the app. Find it […]

Accordance 11.1 Update with Dr. J: Theotek Podcast #045

Accordance users will recognize that Dr. J. isn’t a basketball player from Philadelphia, but the guy who taught them most of what they know about Accordance Bible Software. He joined us to show off the Accordance 11.1 update. Some of the things in this update include: Users can now more easily edit their User Notes and User Tools since the Edit Window got an overhaul Import Bibles with Unicode and expanded canons as well as non-biblical texts Syntax Tree and Graphical Constructs got an update Interlinear support enhanced Instant Details enhanced Add custom icons to the Accordance Library Link to […]

Verse3 a New iOS Bible App: Theotek Podcast #044

With the new iPad Pro coming out this month and iOS 9 supporting side-by-side windows of 2 apps, a tool like Verse3 makes a lot of sense. This simple Bible app that doesn’t use the same Bible display framework we’re used to. In fact it takes the focus and puts it on the person listening to a sermon or Bible study. The user can open multiple verses on the screen at a time and add their notes inline with those verses. Here are a few of the benefits of Verse3 ($4.99 in the iTunes app store). Fast and simple to […]

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WORDsearch 11 Update Demo: Theotek Podcast #040

We were fortunate enough to have Rick Milone from WORDsearch to show off their latest update. WORDsearch 11 came out last week with some awesome new features. Rick showed them off and then talked about what sets WORDsearch apart from other programs. After talking about WORDsearch we also delved into iOS 9 and the new ad blocking feature that lest third-party ad blockers stop content from littering your Safari pages. Watch the video above from YouTube or listen to the audio version below. Also look out for my review in Ministry Tech Magazine’s October issue and here on KevinPurcell.org coming […]