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WORDsearch 11 Update Demo: Theotek Podcast #040

We were fortunate enough to have Rick Milone from WORDsearch to show off their latest update. WORDsearch 11 came out last week with some awesome new features. Rick showed them off and then talked about what sets WORDsearch apart from other programs. After talking about WORDsearch we also delved into iOS 9 and the new ad blocking feature that lest third-party ad blockers stop content from littering your Safari pages. Watch the video above from YouTube or listen to the audio version below. Also look out for my review in Ministry Tech Magazine’s October issue and here on KevinPurcell.org coming […]

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Apple iPad Pro, iPhone and TV: Theotek Podcast #039

Apple showed off their new iPad Pro, a nearly 13-inch iPad with support for Apple Pencil and a keyboard cover they call a Smart Cover. In addition, we learned about the WatchOS 2.0, Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as well as the updated Apple TV that runs games and apps. The Theotek crew unpacked all the news and gave our opinions of each new product. We also talked a little about how this impacts Bible and church tech users. Give the Theotek Podcast #039 a listen below or watch the video above.


Theotek Podcast #033: Semper Paratus and Stuff

Church websites and their social media presence can have a positive or negative impact on the church. The Theotek Podcast #033 dealt with this subject. Our team included Rick Mansfield of Thislamp.com and Antoine Wright from the Mobile Ministry Magazine and me, columnist with Ministry Tech Magazine (formerly Christian Computing Magazine). Hopefully this was the last week without Wes Allen, the tech director for the American Baptist Church of New Jersey. In the first segment of the Theotek Podcast we talked about the problems with church websites, using my church’s woefully ignored website highpeakchurch.com as a bad example of letting a site flounder with […]


Theotek Podcast #031: Heard It, Lived It, Reddit

This week on the Theotek Podcast we talked about the recent controversy over a Reddit person getting fire. What can we learn about how to talk about staff and volunteer conflict management from this story. This past week Microsoft also released a new version of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016. Rick and I shared a little about our first impressions of the app. You can listen below or watch it above. Check out our Podcast page for more info on where to listen or watch live.    

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Theotek Podcast #030: Herodian Drone

Accordance Bible Software just released a cool new resource that looks like a drone flew over Israel during ancient times and gives users an aerial view. It also shows some 3D constructions of things like Herod’s temple. We got an exclusive first look on the Theotek Podcast. I was away in a hotel and had to drop out early, which ended up kicking the show off the air about 30 minutes after we started, so this is a shorter episode. For those interested in getting Virtual Bible for Accordance, head over to Accordance Bible Software and buy it now for $29.90 […]


Theotek Podcast #028: Apple of My Eye

Apple unveiled their new operating systems, iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan at WWDC 2015. We talked about what the new features mean for Church and Bible technology in this week’s podcast. What do you think iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan do for Christians who use computers, and specifically Macs, iPads or iPhones? We also talked briefly at the end about Apple Watch and the newly named watchOS 2.0. We record the Theotek Podcast evert Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. unless ministry gets in the way. Watch it on our YouTube channel or find the […]

Theotek Podcast #019: Can You Do That Online?

As I posted late last week, Logos launched a new service called Logos Now that includes a beta web app. WORDsearch also launched a new version of their online site that replaces My Study Bible, which made the Top 6 favorite Bible study sites. We talk about online Bible study sites and go more in-depth with Logos Now, to name a few things we discussed in this week’s edition of the Theotek Podcast. See it below. To learn more about Logos Now or MyWSB click those links. If you want to listen to the audio version of our podcast, use […]


Theotek Podcast #017: Presenting Like a Pro

Paul Alan Clifford, or just Paul to his friends, is a church tech guru. He specializes in ProPresenter and social media. Paul shares tons of great church tech related content on his website, YouTube channel and social media connections. He joined us on the Theotek Podcast to talk about ProPresenter, a worship presentation tool that replaces PowerPoint and more easily display lyrics, images, video, Bible passages and more. Check out Paul’s website TrinityDigitalMedia.com for ProPresenter news, tutorials and other church tech content. In addition to talking about ProPresenter, he covers church podcasting, creating media for worship, social media as it relates […]

Theotek Podcast #015: Getting Social

Okay, so updating this site with the latest Theotek podcast episodes, jumped way down the priority list. But here’s episode 15 in video (below) and audio form (at bottom). Theotek Podcast #015: Getting Social – YouTube Video Let’s start with the episode 15 from two weeks ago. We had a great discussion about social media and the church. In the end we came up with what we’re calling the Social Media 5 Commandments for Christians. Here’s the video… 5 Commandments of Social Media for Christians In this episode Antoine Wright and I came up with the following 5 Commandments for Social Media. Honor […]

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Theotek Podcast 13: Churches Are Hard To Manage

Our weekly Theotek podcast welcome the founder of Christian Computing Magazine, Steve Hewitt to the show. Steve started the magazine back in the nineties and edited it. About 15 years ago he took it fully digital. He invited me to start writing more than ten years ago. We talked about some interesting things, like the impact online security can have on the church and Christians in general. We also discussed church management software among other things. Give it a watch or listen using the player below. [powerpress]