Church Photo and Video: Theotek Podcast #064

Do you use a camera at your church? If so, then you’ll want to either watch or listen to the Theotek Podcast as we talk about church photo and video tools and tips. We welcomed a great church video expert, Matt Fridg from Church Video Coach. He knows a ton about church video solutions, from streaming your worship services online to creating video sermon illustrations or church videos to promote events or share your church’s story to members, visitors or potential attendees. Matt wrote the following article about using DSLR cameras in church. He talked about the article and then gave […]

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Theotek Podcast #029: Moving Picture Show

We talked about using video in church on episode 29 of the Theotek Podcast. When is it a good idea and how can we do a better job. Here’s the video from YouTube that you can watch and enjoy. Below, please help us by posting your comments on great times to use video in church. For example, do you use it as a tool for announcements, sermon illustrations, for backgrounds to lyrics or text or as a way to present a theme? We also talked gave our audience some tips on how to do a better job. Listen to the […]

e-Sword Comes to Mac with e-Sword X

Way back in 2000 Rick Meyers, a successful programmer, released the first version of e-Sword. e-Sword’s a free Bible study program that brought digital Bible study to people who couldn’t afford to buy a program or who wouldn’t consider paying for such software. Fifteen years later, e-Sword now runs natively on a Mac thanks to e-Sword X ($9.99) for Mac. The e-Sword X looks familiar to e-Sword users. There’s the same basic layout that e-Sword users enjoy, plus some extra touches that take up to the next level. For example, a drop down box in the middle of the top toolbar shows […]


Theotek Podcast #017: Presenting Like a Pro

Paul Alan Clifford, or just Paul to his friends, is a church tech guru. He specializes in ProPresenter and social media. Paul shares tons of great church tech related content on his website, YouTube channel and social media connections. He joined us on the Theotek Podcast to talk about ProPresenter, a worship presentation tool that replaces PowerPoint and more easily display lyrics, images, video, Bible passages and more. Check out Paul’s website for ProPresenter news, tutorials and other church tech content. In addition to talking about ProPresenter, he covers church podcasting, creating media for worship, social media as it relates […]

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5 Best Mac Bible Study Programs [Video]

For a long time doing Bible study on a Mac meant getting Accordance Bible Software, a couple of lesser known programs without a lot of support for current Bible translations and resources, or installing something like Parallels software to run Windows Bible study software on a Mac. Today, there’s a number of great Mac Bible study programs that run fine on OS X. Search the Mac App Store and there’s still not a lot of quality there, but that’s alright. Go directly to the source and download the programs below that don’t show up in the app store and start […]