7 Great Sources for Sermon Illustrations


Do you need to find the perfect sermon illustrations to bring life and grab attention for the message for modern-day listeners with limited attention spans? I do and so I seek them from many sources, but a few websites help… Continue Reading


Theotek Podcast #033: Semper Paratus and Stuff


Church websites and their social media presence can have a positive or negative impact on the church. The Theotek Podcast #033 dealt with this subject. Our team included Rick Mansfield of Thislamp.com and Antoine Wright from the Mobile Ministry Magazine and me,… Continue Reading


6 Best Online Bible Study Sites – Part One

biblestudytools interlinear online bible study site

Bible study’s going online, not entirely, but increasingly so. So here’s the first three of my six best online Bible study websites that you can use on your new $200-$300 Chromebook that won’t run locally installed Bible software. They will also work great… Continue Reading