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Wordsearch Support by Logos Ended, Now What?

People who used and loved Wordsearch were likely disappointed when Logos and Faithlife bought the company and announced they would eventually shut it down. That time has come so what should a Wordsearch user do now? Here’s the best way to continue studying the Bible digitally now that Faithlife and Logos ended support for Wordsearch Bible Software. Logos Stops Wordsearch Support: What Does It Mean to Me? Logos announced they planned to stop supporting Wordsearch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the software. You can. Just don’t uninstall it or buy a new computer unless you have the installer […]

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Wordsearch is Dead, Long Live Wordsearch with Logos

Wordsearch, one of the more popular Bible study packages, went the way of Bibleworks when Faithlife bought the company from LifeWay Christian Resources.Whoo. That’s a lot of company names! Some people may not recognize Faithlife’s name, but they make Logos Bible Software. The company announced on September 18, 2020 that they acquired the software and the rights to the large library of distributed for use in Wordsearch. They also get their large customer base. What Wordsearch Customers Can Expect Heading over to the old Wordsearch website directs users to a site on announcing the transition. Click the Learn More […]

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The Value of Free Stuff: Theotek Podcast #080

Sometimes churches or believers can’t afford the high-end or expensive option in many categories like Bible software or web services, so we’ve got some of the best free stuff or free alternatives¬†for you. We shared our favorite freebies that churches, pastors, and believers can use to help build the kingdom of God in their context without wrecking their wallet or bank account balance. Below the video you’ll see the list of freebies starting with the Bible Software free stuff and then a simple list of the other free stuff we talked about in this episode of the Theotek Podcast. Bible […]

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WORDsearch 11 Ships With New Design and Features

There’s a new WORDsearch update. WORDsearch 11 comes with a new user interface, an updated library feature, better note card feature for research and some better speed in indexing resources. Add multi-monitor support and the old Lesson Maker that WORDsearch forgot they owned. It’s now integrated into WORDsearch. The Theotek Podcast team got a look from Rick Milone of WORDsearch. He’s one of their official trainers as well as a user. He showed off some of the new features. I brewed me some tea (with fenugreek 50% extract – it’s my favorite new combo) and made my podcast. Here’s my […]