This week I plan to start a sermon series on the Book of Daniel. Good modern preachers who want to use multimedia to communicate God’s word will see what media they can find to simplify the preaching process. So, I searched for the Book of Daniel on Google and came up with a link to a YouTube Channel of animated videos about the Bible called The Bible Project.

The Bible Project YouTube Channel includes the follow self-description:

Bible Project is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos. Our videos and all of our other resources are available for free to help people everywhere experience the unified story of the Bible.

From The Bible Project About page on YouTube

The Bible Project Videos

On the channel, viewers will find some visually rich and interesting videos that explain various aspects of the Bible including…

  • How to Read the Bible
  • Biblical Themes
  • Spiritual Beings
  • Old Testament – overview of the OT and book overviews
  • New Testament – overview of the NT and book overviews
  • Torah Series – focus on the first five books of the Bible
  • Wisdom Series – focus on the wisdom books of Psalm, Proverbs, etc.
the bible project

Usefulness of Videos

People could use the videos on the site in many ways.

  • Personal Study
  • When your pastor is preaching through a book
  • Sunday School class
  • Family Bible study time
  • Home school lessons
  • Add a Bible element to your children’s education if they go to a public school where they won’t get Biblical content

If you want to learn more about The Bible Project, you can so look at their website. It includes links to their videos on YouTube and their site Podcast.

During the virus pandemic, many people are still at home instead of attending church with their church family. The folks at Bible Project have a page dedicated to helping people study the Bible in such a situation. After the pandemic this could also be used for people who are sick and can’t go to church for an extended period of time.

The videos look beautiful and they’re simple enough for older children to understand but not too juvenile. Adults can get a lot of out the videos as well.

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