The new Theotek is back. This time we're going all-in with an audio podcast only. No video this time around. Find out where you can find us and what's included.

The day you’ve all been waiting for arrived this week with them new Theotek Podcast. I don’t know if it’s 2.0 or 3.0. In fact it might be the fifth iteration. But this time it’s better than ever, simpler, shorter, worth your time. Read on to find out how to find it, what you can expect from each episode, and who you’ll hear as you listen.

The new Theotek with Kevin and Rick!

Theotek: the New Format and Who’s Included

The original Podcast was a live video format on Google Hangouts that we then saved to YouTube. You can still watch those old podcasts on YouTube. Sort by date and you’ll see the videos about 3 years ago.

We also did the podcasts in audio form here on this website and you could find it on Apple and other places. That’s now dead, but they are still available.

For the new Theotek, we’re going all-in with an audio podcast. Will we ever go back to video? We’ll see. If enough of you ask for it, then sure. We might. For now, it’s all audio, and we’re hosting it on Anchor.fm.

Now you’ll want to subscribe to the new podcast using many different platforms. Use one of these links below or search for the podcast by Title. If you do that, be careful not to select the old one. The old one is called “Theotek Podcast” with my name under the title, and it’s not separated, so you’ll see it as KevinPurcell. Don’t subscribe to that one. Instead, look for just Theotek, and my name reads as “Kevin Purcell” separated.

This time around, there’s just a pair of us. I’m one host, and Rick Mansfield from Accordance Bible Software will join me. We will occasionally add some of our friends who helped us create the old Theotek Podcast.

Our Theotek Trailer from Anchor.fm.

Where to Find Theotek

Here’s the list of links to use to subscribe on your chosen platform:

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