Have you seen the blue/white dress phenomena that grabbed the Internet by storm last week? We don’t discuss that on our podcast (listen above), except for a moment at the beginning. Instead, on this week’s Theotek Podcast, we talk about a few interesting topics including the following (after the video below)

Visual Sermon Notes – a recent Baptist Press article talked about a pastor who creates preaching notes that look like a doodle instead of a list of points with text. Our own Antoine Wright does this all the time. We discussed his use of this and mind mapping. Here’s the image.

visual sermon notes
Here’s what one pastor takes into the pulpit as he preaches.

And here’s Antoine’s Flickr Album with his “Sketch Notes”.

antoine wright sketch notes
Our own Antoine Wright uses what he calls Sketch Notes to show his message notes visually.

Next we talked about a recent study in Washington Post that says the digital native generation actually prefers reading paper books. Should this impact the way the church relates to this generation using digital Bibles or resources?

washinton post ebooks vs paper

Finally, we ended with an interesting discussion of a social media policy for churches and non-profit organizations. We’ll hit that again next week.


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