Okay, so updating this site with the latest Theotek podcast episodes, jumped way down the priority list. But here’s episode 15 in video (below) and audio form (at bottom).

Theotek Podcast #015: Getting Social – YouTube Video

Let’s start with the episode 15 from two weeks ago. We had a great discussion about social media and the church. In the end we came up with what we’re calling the Social Media 5 Commandments for Christians. Here’s the video…

5 Commandments of Social Media for Christians

In this episode Antoine Wright and I came up with the following 5 Commandments for Social Media.

  1. Honor God with what others can see and not see
  2. Honor your brothers and sisters with all communication whether public or private
  3. Understand that you’re ambassadors of Christ, your family and your church both off and online
  4. Treat social media content as public no matter what the privacy settings say
  5. Back up your social media communications

The first two items on our list apply the Great Commandments of love the Lord your God will all your heart, soul, mind and spirit and love your neighbor as yourself. The third item applies the statement from Paul, which says we are Ambassadors for Christ.


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